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Death Scream bloody gore Battle Vest (Work in progress)

Mattcrum's picture

I like your use of the small pyramid studs. You also have nice assortment variety.

Citadelle Hurlante's picture

Thanks! They're the best for filling them annoying small gaps

Mattcrum's picture

Yeah, they look heavy metalish and reflect good light. That size is great for detailed work. Yours look taller than typical ones I've seen.

Citadelle Hurlante's picture

Yeah I think the heavy metalish look works since there are quite a lot of thrash/speed/heavy metal patchets on there. Abd the studs I think they're just regulat sized, in every store i've been they were usually that size. And they're not so tall that it's not a problem with security at events which is a plus \m/

Lord Cthulhu's picture

Definitely puts a splash of colour into the Canadian winter snows too, which can't be a bad thing. Nice work man, look forward to seeing the final vest!

Citadelle Hurlante's picture

Thanks a lot! Will post an update as soon as it's finished \m/

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Recent Comments

  • Did you buy this from cza.
  • Yes, official Alchemy Poker Rox
  • It's quite an odd choice in design. I don't mind.
  • Killer patch. If you ever want to trade this lmk I got a few patches from your trade list
  • That long sleeve Is sick, but the band really should have added some sort of highlighted borders around the decals so th
  • Whole print is, I don't want to say glorious, but you get the idea.
  • But I have to say myself, the old Peste Noir are very very close to some LLN projects from the music style and the artwo
  • I love the Ross Bay Cult Insignia
  • Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. Don't know why I put that on there. I should have known that.
  • This is wild.
  • Yes, they are! Cheers
  • Great album, no question. I have it here in my LP shelf as well. But Peste Noir were never a part of the Black Legions.
  • Thanks mate :)
  • Quite cool!
  • is this official?
  • Hard rockin man!! Great looking jacket, love the Molly Hatchet and Rose Tattoo patches \m/