Blue Denim Vest

Chemical Burn
Sat, 30/07/2016 - 14:27

About a men's S/XS I would think, chest measurement with one button done is 17" flat. I'm selling the whole thing because it doesn't fit, but I'll also sell patches individually except the back patch. It's handmade from an official shirt and it is machine sewn but I still don't know how well it'll hold together if I try to take it off. Cloven Hoof patch is definitely official, can't make any promises about the rest.

Make offers, "price pls" messages won't get a response.

Sale only
Blue Denim Vest
Blue Denim Vest
Blue Denim Vest
Blue Denim Vest


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  • Very nice, it does not happen often to see that shirt
  • Nice Blind Guardian dedication. Absolute beast of a live band
  • appetite bringing tshirt!
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