Battle Vest update

Wed, 17/01/2018 - 22:14

Done some sewing the whole day. My fingers are killing me but I'm more than happy with the result.

Not for sale or trade


Nater90's picture

Great update mate

PaaviDyyd's picture

Thanks man :D

PriestOfDisorder's picture

My goal is to make the next one as cool as this one

PaaviDyyd's picture

Thanks ! It took me a long time to figure out, when the patches are in balance with each other.

jjfowler's picture

looks sick! i would say put something up on the shoulders to even it out a bit, but nah, looks great!

PaaviDyyd's picture

Thanks ! Theres gona be more patches to the shoulder and to the front

PazuzuForsberg's picture

Sick! I love all the bands and how the logos look all together, will you upload pictures from the front?

PaaviDyyd's picture

At the moment the front is empty but as soon as I get more patches, I will upload more pictures :D

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  • 66666
  • good
  • Have this one. Great shirt
  • Thank you so much brother... Cheers \m/
  • Wow, not an easy one to find by any means. You have one of the better collections on here, by the way! Cheers!
  • uh, its called a rip. Lots of bands have done this over the years. From ripping other bands to companies like snapple.
  • I sold the short sleeve but i have the long sleeve 2 times,the one i have for me is in mint condition...
  • Awesome, I have the short sleeve version but it is nowhere near the shape this is in!
  • You have something to trade?
  • really nice, good job!!
  • Great pictures !!!
  • sick release!
  • Would a great place and time to be alive!
  • cheers man! still waiting for your Spider patch.
  • whenever you wanna sell yours let me know....;)
  • Finland's finest contribution to the metal world


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