Tomb of Belial - Logo T-shirt

Sat, 27/05/2017 - 02:22

A simple Tomb of Belial logo T-shirt. Printed in SLC, UT, USA. Currently only avalible at live shows.

Not for sale or trade
Tomb of Belial - Logo T-shirt


VoodooChild's picture

Just looked your band up. Very good

Isador7's picture

Thank you! Appreciate you. We should have our 2nd batch of tapes and CDs (first 50 and 100 of both are all sold out) up on our Bandcamp soon, along with shirts patches and stickers so keep an eye out!

Der Todesking's picture

Just listening at bandcamp... really not bad!!!

Der Todesking's picture

If someone else is interested http://tombofbelial.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-dem

Isador7's picture

Thank you! Be sure to download a free digital copy from there for your listening pleasure! More merch up on the BC too soon. We appreciate it.

lambofgodfan00's picture

Tomb of Belial kicks ass!


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