Ravishing Grimness
Sat, 09/11/2013 - 11:18

Setherial-Hell Eternal reprint LS/XL

Sale only


Plague's picture

5 flames for Setherial!!!

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Thanks Abysmal Wind (http://tshirtslayer.com/user/abysmalwind).For the shirt as well,cause in really it is more than FABULOUS!!!

dgb666's picture

hell yes !!

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Thanks.Agreed,Setherial in their most powerful lineup in my opinion.

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

So this isn't a bootleg.....it's a official second print that's different to the first design??

Ravishing Grimness's picture

For what i know this is an official shirt,as indeed 2nd printing after the first one.

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

Did you ever sell this one??

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  • Thanks dudes, took a couple months of after work sewing, probably the fastest I've ever banged out a jacket.
  • Really awesome!
  • Where did you found this killer ?
  • Perfect Oldschool with very nice Bands
  • Woah, I love this jacket, it stands out so well and the colours really pop! Nice job!
  • very cool, never seen it bevor... absolute great.
  • Lol, is this band just stealing limp bizkits album artwork?
  • cool battle jacket, i like it.
  • Aaaah, v'dammt... zu groß. :-/
  • Thanx a lot ajnin! :) The pins of course will be removed as soon as I start covering the upper left front.
  • Yes the bands have signed the things for us. Too bad that we did not take the vinyl records with us.
  • Thanks. You're right. Nordrhein-Westfalen was one of the metal centers in Germany.
  • Such a beauty!
  • Behold Barbarity was selling it but it’s gone now
  • Still for sale? how much about it?
  • They have some albums I never could get into. Especially their later outputs.


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