Second To None Shirt

EngorgingGutturalsThu, 09/08/2018 - 20:00

Second To None Shirt

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  • Dig where this is going.
  • Bad ass. Great taste mate.
  • So far so good.
  • Fantastic shirt.
  • Damn where are all these coming from, I bloody want one haha.
  • The best Venom Shirt!
  • Most welcome, yeah true logos cool and all but full artwork is that much better.
  • Haha brutal. Still love tapes but I take care of them.
  • All good bro haha, I'd be the same, shorts all year round represent!!
  • Welcome, ah cool.
  • Interesting, good to know. Thanks mate.
  • Hell yeah! Epic album and patch to suit. Right here bro, got couple more sewn on will update soon.
  • Thanks matey.
  • Really?? Get off that PC and look at kuttes Doc haha.
  • Thanks mate, true. Inferior?? Hell no, iconic DM in my opinion!
  • sent PM.

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