Kilkim Žaibu 15 - festival girlie (2014)

Sun, 18/03/2018 - 15:06

One of my very favorite festivals. Also the one I have the most merch from.

Girlie sized M (Promodoro), fits well.

Not for sale or trade
Kilkim Žaibu 15 - festival girlie (2014)
Kilkim Žaibu 15 - festival girlie (2014)


DukeThylacine's picture

Great shirt!
Really wish to visit Kilkim Žaibu one day.
How's the atmosphere there?

Schneevogel's picture

Thank you!
Kilkim Žaibu is a festival worth visiting even for its atmosphere alone. It's just really cozy, not too big, takes place in the forests next to a lake and has lots of other program to offer in addition to the bands.

DukeThylacine's picture

Sounds great. Hope they make a really great lineup next year as it will be the 20th edition.
(hope to see bands like Metsatoll and Skyforger)

Schneevogel's picture

Skyforger basically performs there every 2nd year anyway. ;)

DukeThylacine's picture

Yeah, I just visited their site to see who performed in past years ;D


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