Gorguts "Considered dead" Longsleeve

Thu, 24/12/2015 - 13:22

Gorguts "Considered dead" Longsleeve

Not for sale or trade


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Very cool one.

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Thanks man!

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Rare to see a Gorguts long sleeve! Is it legit or a bootleg? Either way, pretty sick.

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This is a boot but what a good one /,,/

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Hi yes that is true. Thank you

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Recent Comments

  • Fucking epic
  • Hell yes. Pouches are a nice touch.
  • Proper
  • Needs more official looking merch like this! Great band
  • Wish they made more of these
  • Great collection. The Hail Intoxication patch is one of the best I've ever seen.
  • Very nice. It would look cool honestly. I would buy that Hail Intoxication back patch in a heartbeat
  • cooles Teil
  • I love it as well! I do kinda wish mine was a Large though.
  • You got that right mate haha, I was so stoked I didn't bother to open them and check, I'll duck back during th
  • Thanx guys!
  • I would prefer the Darkthrone as well, pretty funny though, couldn’t get two bands more different, 50 cent cds...unreal,
  • A lot of really good bands.
  • Yeah sure is, especially the original press of Unchain The Wolves!!
  • Good song. I do like them don't get me wrong Craig but I prefer Darkthrone haha. Our Pub scene is amazing.
  • Hey there you with the sad face....


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