Tankard ‎– The Morning After Lp

Mon, 12/02/2018 - 20:15
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Tankard ‎– The Morning After  Lp
Tankard ‎– The Morning After  Lp
Tankard ‎– The Morning After  Lp
Tankard ‎– The Morning After  Lp
Tankard ‎– The Morning After  Lp


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This is beautiful.

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Great album \m/
So try again or listen to this ;-)

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Recent Comments

  • This is AWESOME, man! Price?
  • It really is! :D
  • Awesome patch!
  • sick!! im seeing them again in 2 weeks!
  • amazing!
  • Those Entombed and Dismember debut albums (not forgetting Carnage's "Dark Recollections" of course) are w
  • now you're talking proper Enslaved ;) cheers !
  • looks really nice man!! was this purchased from a Brazilian eBayer ? ;)
  • Another great find mate!!!!
  • Bloody journalists... always taking advantage of their position. Hahahah!
  • No problem. Google translate can be a bitch sometimes.
  • Awesome band and a great shirt!
  • so nice!
  • badass shirt! when i saw them they didnt have any shirts with Waite Uziga artwork on em.. such a shame.
  • It's "The Den" at The Civic Hotel in Perth. One of the main live venues for metal in the city!
  • Thanks. It's now on my winter fur coat.


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