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Kvlt Kollection!

JoelTue, 29/05/2018 - 03:33

As is the case with my previous posting, I may get around to posting all of these individually with additional photos at one point or another. For now however, this is what I'm putting on display and I'd say it's a VERY nice haul of mine from my trip to Kvlt Records' shop in Helsinki. The acquisitions are as follows:

Enthroned - The Apocalypse Manifesto

Incantation - Mortal Throne of Nazarene

Necros Christos - Nine Graves

Sabbat - Dreamweaver

Destroyer 666 - Wildfire

Mordicus - Dances from Left

Black Sabbath - Paranoid & Master of Reality

Necrophobic - Bloodhymns & Death to All

Moonsorrow - V: Hävitetty & Jumalten Aika

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey

Enslaved - Hordanes Land

Dodheimsgard - Kronet til Konge

Hades - The Dawn of the dying Sun

Immortal - At the Heart of Winter

Mutiilation - Vampires of black imperial Blood

Summoning - Stronghold

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam

Falkenbach - ...en their medh riki fara...

Behemoth - From the Pagan Vastlands

Nokturnal Mortum - The Voice of Steel

Kroda - Schwarzpfad

Marduk - Heaven shall burn when we are Gathered

Ancient - Trolltaar

Not for sale or trade
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!
Kvlt Kollection!

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Recent Comments

  • beautiful
  • well spotted, i sent him a PM/warning about it...
  • Thanks Doc, i had this before but i had to trade it with something i really wanted...so well, it's back in the coll
  • congratulations man! if it was L and not XL it would be mine instead :D :D
  • Awesome!!
  • Sick LS mate!!
  • Need to find a copy of this. Pretty scarce these days.
  • Sick!
  • Well, looks like you mistagged the whole thing - looks like a Bolt Thrower patch to me, not a Manowar one...
  • Bootleg? Where did you get this?
  • Don't Know for Sure, but cause of the Missing Copyright, i guess it's a boot.
  • One Jofama knockoff in M/L in pretty used condition
  • I have a shirt with the same front but doesn't have the back or sleeve, damn wish I had this one, it's great
  • Ah, buzzkill. It's still a great collectable piece, though! Did you snag the tour edition?
  • Good album! The new one stinks though.
  • I got it from UKRPatcher, it's a nice dude with great products.
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