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Recent Comments

  • Amazing shirt! Is this official? And if so, do you have any info about it, like the year?
  • I just recently found Antichrist and instantly loved that band.
  • Thanks!!
  • Nabend, den willste nicht zufällig los werden oder?
  • Nabend, den willste nicht zufällig los werden oder?
  • I thought it would be easier to sell this. Its genuine. I bought it in 92. In London. Shop called Metal Head.
  • that art is really detailed and cute love it
  • Indeed my friend, indeed!
  • Belle veste, beaux patches et bon goût. On s'est croisé sans se parler à demolition hammer au brutal assault.
  • Thanks man!
  • Sweet Collection!
  • sure
  • Beste Grüße in die Nachbarstadt \m/ :D
  • tommy hilfiger? :( :(
  • it's easy to print what ever you like ;)
  • Awesome


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