Studs And Spikes

Fri, 25/11/2011 - 19:02
http://studsandspikes.com/ I've never bought anything from here. But it looks like they have a great selection of studs and spikes (as one would guess).



They do, I bought a packet of studs (which I haven't used) and a couple of Iron cross studs. Good quality, fast postage.


i ordered some patches and studs
for so far they forgot 5-6 patches (didnt got email that a patch was sold out nor money back) so to be honest i feel pretty ripped off... i will send them a email about this since i want the patches or else my money back
for the rest it arrived pretty quick (2 weeks) so yeah :/


i ordered a package of studs. items were as described, good quality studs. did not order any patches though. shipping is decent. took 12 days to arrive, faster than expected. i got e mail confirmation when my item was shipped. that was nice. studs were packaged in bubble wrap. dont exactly like the price of shipping though. i'm cheap, but i prefer it when stores calculate it for you before hand.

Chemical Burn

This is where I but all my studs. There's another place called Studs and Punks in the UK but if you're getting a lot, Spikes is cheaper even with shipping. Good quality and nothing's ever been missing. The only issue I've ever had while ordering from them was actually with the bank, but he was alright with it and waited while I sorted it out.


They are great, the shipping cost is the only negative... To expensive.


Best place to get good studs, bulletbelts etc. The only place i buy studs from.


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