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Tue, 07/12/2010 - 14:55


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I've bought 2 times on this site, very easy and fast shipping!

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I've also bought twice. Really great stuff and reliable.

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But isn't the country UK, not the USA?

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yes you are right. i just got mail from here.

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Just got items from there. patches are decent quality. You can find some unusual items there. I liked it a lot and shipping was fast. Unusually fast, if my records are not wrong. i could be wrong, but i think shipping only took 8 days for me.

one thing i didnt like about it was that shipping is at a flat rate. so no matter how much you buy shipping is still that amount. this is a bad thing if you only want a couple items.
though I would advise you to turn this into a plus by buying a shitload of items at a go and combine orders with friends.

when you receive your order it comes with an itemised list of your order, which is ok. i got mine in an envelope with bubble wrap as well.

Overall, i would recommend this store if you're looking for something unusual. prices are average as well, so no harm taking a look.

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They sent me an email I had to consider about 8 days of shipping. (No problemo!)
And the patches arrived even before. They have a couple of nice things that are hard to come by elsewhere.

They're located in the UK, yea.

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The owner is very friendly and answers questions pretty fast. Overall a great shop imo!


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