Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise patch

Left Hand Patch
Tue, 12/09/2017 - 13:03

Vintage patch. Unused and sealed.

Trade Only


Nater90's picture

Classic stuff, Got two of em....Should offer one to Steve for his Sabbath patch!!!

Valinskas's picture

First and last Paradise listenable album...

Coleman Perin's picture

i agree with that... such a masterpiece the rest is just meh, great piece bro, mine came the same way, want to switch it out on my jacket for the white border version thats our there

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  • I'll soon have mine, pretty cool design. ONLY TAPE IS REAL!!! XD
  • cheers Doc
  • Joar, denke vieles gibt es nicht mehr, was ansich gut war.
  • I would like one of this!! Black Fast are Amazing!
  • Killer album and shirt. For the fans of Master's Hammer
  • thanks
  • Thanks so much again man ! I got this from a really cool guy in Slovenia sometime ago. It is only one sided.
  • Thanks so much ! Those cassettes are extremely rare !
  • This one is pretty sweet!
  • Ugh... this reminds me of MA's "Extreme Music for Extreme People" patch.
  • Where did you got this sweater and it has something on the back ?
  • Thank you !
  • That picture was taken in Austria (...if I remember correctly?!)
  • Wow ,full flames for this beauty, never seen a shirt with this album, i have bootleg ls with Go And Live.....Stay And Di
  • Really awesome ! Have this on cassette !
  • Thank you very much, good to be appreciated !!!