Iron Maiden "Powerslave" triangle patch lim. Edition

Tue, 18/04/2017 - 10:09

Limited edition triangle patch with black border

Not for sale or trade


R21's picture

Im so happy with the result! ^^

Noir.666's picture

Have you made it?

R21's picture

The design yes

Noir.666's picture

Good work, bro.
Next time a "somewhere in time" , please. ;-)

R21's picture

Hehe thanks, theres been tons of patchs with the design beying made by me recently (also fortunally means that people appreciatte my work)
Well if one costumer ask me for one, sure why not? :)

Noir.666's picture

Got that one. on my maiden vest since 2 years, haha

Lex_Metal's picture

Amazing patch! Parabéns Ruben!

R21's picture

Obrigado amigo \m/
vai haver em outra borda tambem :)

Suicidal1984's picture

Where can I get it man?

R21's picture

I would advice you to wait some weeks and get this version (or the other) from jonh :)
He will make some kickass stuff!
Some Dark tranquility and Master patchs wich i made the design aswell


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