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  • The carcass is perfect but the sleeves are little small 4 me,i wish i can find it again...
  • That Carcass is great!
  • Hey brother,you can send me in pm what you have for trade and if im interest in something we can make a deal.Im only sea
  • Some great stuff! Angelcorpse, Carcass, Gorefest...
  • :O:O:O
  • Awesome! Übrigens, hab gerade auf dn Profil gelesen du bist aus Ba-Wü?
  • Very special band to me. I love their artworks, and I like the Enemies too! Thanx as usual for the flames!
  • Very nice collection, the artwork of any of them is just beautiful!
  • Can you kinda 'follow' other members there, like here.
  • True, works like discogs to me, though it's very useful if you are looking for some specific shirts because so it&#
  • Nice one!
  • I just made an account, but I guess it's really more about information & business there, the community thing se
  • Awesome Behold the Arctopus patch!
  • Well I guess I gotta check it out too. Thanx for the info mate!
  • Yes I do, found out about the site's existence by pure accident. The free option is more than enough I think, I
  • I have heard about it... do you an account there? I heard it's not 100% free..?

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