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Exumer Backpatch

Sat, 25/03/2023 - 16:09

Vintage Exumer Bootleg backpatch from the early 2000’s
Screenprinted - was purchased in EBay. Not much is known about the origin of this backpatch but only ever seen one other copy on Tshirtslayer. Any info would be great! Archiving anything Exumer for future people to be able to know the history of this amazing band 🔥

Not for sale or trade
Exumer Backpatch

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Cool one, that's true, I only remember one piece on this web, a one from an old user from Canada, not sure who made this backpatch,maybe a fan club made this one? Hooe you can get a info about this backpatch

PossessedbyBeer's picture

All my friend told me he got this on eBay and it sold out really fast afterwards. He has used it ever since and he knows how much of a fan I’ve been and how much I’ve tired to get one he ended up donating me his old one to be able to archive and let more people see this very rare piece of history

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Probably someone, a fan, made and released some pieces of this backpatch and sold them on ebay back in time, well, I am glad you got this backpatch especially you beign a big fan of this band and album!

PossessedbyBeer's picture

Indeed, a huge piece into my collection. Have a ton of shirts and patches left to post here regarding Exumer.

fauzan big's picture

The backpatch is so cool!! It looks like the previous owner was here, judging by the many seams


PossessedbyBeer's picture

The guy is actually from Los Angeles, never posted on Tshirtslayer but I’ve only ever seen one posted here. The Canadian owners vest looks great tho! Adds an additional pop to a great collection

fauzan big's picture

I thought that was him, cause the backpatch is so familiar, and a rare one

metalthrashingraf's picture

Looks sick mate.

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  • Amazing shirt mate.
  • Saludos, El chaleco esta salvaje!!!! Donde puedo conseguir el parcho de Baron Rojo?
  • Thanks man!!! I get it for 10 euro in a Rock Fest few years ago hahahaha.
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  • Great Shirt!
  • Very nice, I have the standard edition and didn't realise the tour version came with a patch.
  • Iv just picked up the second one on your picture , do you know why there are two different versions?
  • XD
  • Overlooked patch, this one. I like the odd material choice.
  • Thanks for the comment. Yeah I got that MF patch from pulltheplug