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Demilich Various pull the plugs for barter

Sat, 28/01/2023 - 00:04

Greetings, other than the Timeghoul these are all PTP. Only looking for either of the Devourment or Party Cannon PTP patches from my wantlist. These are NOT for sale. Thanks for looking

Not for sale or trade
Demilich Various pull the plugs for barter

NegativeOne's picture

Gah dam nice stuff man! 😩

bedofnails's picture

Thanks bruda!

Eternal Nightmare's picture

Nice Incantation patch!

bedofnails's picture

Thanks dude, hate to part with it but for the right patch I will 😢

Eternal Nightmare's picture

Wish I bought an extra Molesting patch at the time… I have one on my vest but can’t part with it.

Echosineternity's picture

Wish I had what you are looking for. I need that Cattle Decapitation patch lol good luck in your search!

bedofnails's picture

Thanks for the kind words man! The patch game is definitely one that’s played and won with patience unfortunately.

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