DEATH 'Scream Bloody Gore' coffin patch

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 12:14

Limited coffin patch with lilac border


Sold out!

...and the PIZZA-Death shape patch, glows in the dark ;-)

Not for sale or trade


formezzano's picture

If these are for sale why don't you chose the "for sale or trade" option?

Cool stuff btw,I love the pizza patch...reminds me of a Skull Fist shirt where instead of the name of the nation where the gig was held (on the back of the shirt) they wrote some typical product...apparently they played in a city with the same name as mine but in a country named Pizza.

I love metal with a sense of humour

Noir.666's picture

Because it is NOT for sale or trade ;-)

formezzano's picture

Oh well well then,you've just made yourself a really powerful enemy

(*puts fingers together like mister burns*)

Where did you get that patch? (coffin one)

Noir.666's picture

From ebay "kleinanzeigen"...

Der Todesking's picture

These are both very cool!

Noir.666's picture

Thx...the really cool thing is, that the 'PIZZA' patch glows in the dark. ;-)

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