Bolt Thrower - Warmaster ( Patches )

Wed, 06/12/2017 - 13:16

Bolt Thrower - Warmaster ( Patches )


Not for sale or trade
Bolt Thrower - Warmaster ( Patches )
Bolt Thrower - Warmaster ( Patches )
Bolt Thrower - Warmaster ( Patches )


The Clairvoyant's picture

Wow, really nice.

dubtribe's picture

Thanks mate

Minty's picture

These are great! Where did you find them and are they still available?

dubtribe's picture

Hi ... got them from http://rotten-zombies.com/
And I'm not sure if the patches are stil available. I got no info if they are limited. But he released them just a few weeks ago. Just drop the him a line, pretty sure he will answer you.
Cheers :)

giallorossi's picture

Fucking rad!

dubtribe's picture

Thanks a lot mate :)

Nater90's picture


dubtribe's picture

Indeed :)

Dr.Machen's picture

fucking beautiful!

dubtribe's picture

Thanks mate :)

Fleaman's picture

Want one, where did you get it?

dubtribe's picture
Fleaman's picture

Ok , thanks. I sent message to them if they still got patches for sale.

NISSE666's picture

Fantastic patches!

Metal Militia's picture

They're freaking awesome!! :D


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  • Great taste, looks good.
  • Holy shit, Tbats cheap as!!
  • As you would :) the orange and blue ones look good too.
  • Yeah same here. Ah cool, pretty sure when I seen em it was the Dead Dawn one..
  • What an awesome idea! Full flames for the guessingly greatest looking bottle of wine ever! How fuckin' cool...
  • Yeah the work that went into them is just phenomenal. Blessed are the Sick , when I wear my shirt of it I stare at it.
  • Full flames for the Knot and Goats!!!
  • this is fucking sick!!
  • I like it too, that Gustave Doré artwork is awesome
  • Hi, Still available?
  • Yes, they at their prime were great.
  • Thanks so much, man! Great to see some people like it. :)
  • Killer work! It's going to look great when it's done!
  • Sorry. 2 are in my battlejackets, 1 framed admiring it. 1 sold
  • You'll get them all eventually. Good luck with finding a Cross the Styx patch...
  • Thanx a lot, mate! :) To be honest I painted some spots black to make it look more covered.


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