Arcturus patch

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 04:08

Arcturus patch

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Arcturus patch


Nater90's picture

OI! You stole my patch!!!! haha.

Got this one too, Got the Mortem also.

fuckyeah's picture

Hahaha mine haha..spewing i didnt get the Mortem patch but got the last Mortem shirt at least

Nater90's picture

Haha, The shirt was epic, They only had a medium....I'd fit that 10 years ago haha.

fuckyeah's picture

Must of missed one i got..i got the last one which was a large..wouldnt have got if didnt fit..have to be able to wear not just sit in the cupboard hahaha

Nater90's picture

Haha true that, I've only got a couple shirts that do not fit but the bands mean a lot to me so I'm not planning to part with em!


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Recent Comments

  • What an awesome idea! Full flames for the guessingly greatest looking bottle of wine ever! How fuckin' cool...
  • Yeah the work that went into them is just phenomenal. Blessed are the Sick , when I wear my shirt of it I stare at it.
  • Full flames for the Knot and Goats!!!
  • this is fucking sick!!
  • I like it too, that Gustave DorĂ© artwork is awesome
  • Hi, Still available?
  • Yes, they at their prime were great.
  • Thanks so much, man! Great to see some people like it. :)
  • Killer work! It's going to look great when it's done!
  • Sorry. 2 are in my battlejackets, 1 framed admiring it. 1 sold
  • You'll get them all eventually. Good luck with finding a Cross the Styx patch...
  • Thanx a lot, mate! :) To be honest I painted some spots black to make it look more covered.
  • WOOOOW!!! This is amazing man! What of night of Pure Metal!
  • Thanks man! You also have that Destruction poster. Did you get it when you saw them in concert?
  • Wow! Amazing! Great layout and choice of patches.
  • fuckin nutsssss


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