Slayer final tour official poster for Dallas, Tx

Fri, 10/08/2018 - 03:12

Poster from Slayer's final US tour for their show in Dallas, Texas at The Bomb Factory on June 19, 2018.

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Slayer final tour official poster for Dallas, Tx

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  • your Kutte is awesome as fuck, hell yeah!
  • seriously ..1985?..respect!
  • very very old school
  • full flames for collection dude..haha..but not my cup of beer ;P ....i dont like Venom ;(
  • nice one :)
  • nice one, never seen with this backprint i think
  • their were amazing like always :D
  • thx a lot :)
  • yeah..thought the same, one of their better designs.. :) Kreator arent rly known for their fantastic shirt designs..haha
  • Very cool and classic shirt
  • yeah, agree :)
  • It´ s not official... but done by a dedicated old school BM maniac ;-)
  • That RULES!
  • i am 17 or 18 in that picture...its my high school :)) i used to wear the gas mask to school to scare people
  • i have tattoos haha but no piercing.
  • in 92 i was 10 years old :))...i started listening when i was about 14 or so :))...Sepultura was one of the first bands

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