Ravishing Grimness
Mon, 30/09/2013 - 19:15

Amesoeurs-Amesoeurs Beautiful Grey/Ash edition 2lp

When you hold it against the light you can see the reflection appear.


Not for sale or trade



hahaha@ Genre-description on Metal-Archives: Black Metal/Post-Punk/Depressive Rock
:P ..i guess..ill try that..hahaha..btw 5 flames for a wonderful Vinyl Edition dude!


..omg..far away from what i like :P they mix Pop with Black Metal Blast and some screams, go back to Pop/Radio-ROCK..and combine it with piano-acoustics...argh...

Ravishing Grimness

That's right.The band doesn't exist anymore,but they went on with the style in the band ALCEST.Shoegaze/Black Metal,Pop whatever you wanna call it.The music is being liked and sells,and think that's most important...


I've tried very hard to like this band on countless occasions, sadly, I've had no luck. I just don't seem to like them. BUT, I highly respect every musician that worked on this project. I'm especially a HUGE fan of Les Discrets and Alcest. All very unique projects.

Ravishing Grimness

Well,not liking is a big word.There are some parts for me which i don't like.But it's the blend in every track that moves me,from jazz,pop 'til fast BM riffing is what i found quite unique and really good.Also,great thinking of each musician on here.They most definitely know how to handle their instrument.

Les Discrets i still have to find out!But ALCEST is doing pretty well for themselves right now..

Athalwolf Mortum

Awesome record.

Ravishing Grimness



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  • Classic! Perfect for this cold season.
  • Nice!
  • fucking awesome
  • Thnx man!
  • And there's blood upon the shirt! This is a good design that reminds me of Feel the Fire.
  • Yeah, same with me. Exactly what you said. Ive seen them twice now, and theyre way better than what Cronos is doing.
  • Ah. Appreciate it, but Im a runt. Too big. Thanks tho!
  • Thanks, I appreciate it! And yeah it was super awesome to see them live!
  • Pretty sweet.
  • Gotta approve that you sold one to me!
  • Thanks! I have several more ready and a few more on the way.
  • Fuck thatès sick
  • It came with the Tape for Dying Light, I'm not sure if you can get it on Bandcamp or not.
  • Always brutal this artwork \m/
  • Why do you keep a $20 shirt at safe box?
  • Thanks always my friend !


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