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  • Awesome! I actually got Steve Van Doren to sign them, and I have some Slayer ones coming in soon \m/

  • thanx ! yes it s Pungent Stench. no original from Poland.

  • Hope you can get it!

  • Wow, thats an awesome story! MDF is great, was sad I didn't make '17.

  • Wow that is a piece of history right there.

  • Nice design, crazy Aussie band.

  • cool

  • LOL

  • Smaller vest=less room for patches.

  • Thanks man! :)

  • Thanks brother! :)

  • Sick dude! It gets a lot of credit here. As I expected! ;) \m/

  • Cool to see younger crew that are loving the old school bands. That's what keeps this music alive and influences the next generation. Good start to the jacket \m/

  • They played really well this night!! Heard every single song from roots plus desperate cry, inner self & beneath the remains. Even a bit of ACDC and Motörhead \m/

  • Hahaha, Love it!

  • Nice pics mate!!!

  • Thanks and yeah i agree less is more

  • Size doesn't mean shit, As long as you have the passion! Nice start!

  • Good taste, Love the BP!

  • So many epic bands! That Bathory - Born For Burning is epic! The Return is a must have.

  • Wicked taste man, That Destroyer 666 patch is epic!

  • Now this is metal as fuck!

  • Blood Duster!!! Nice update man, Is that Pungent Stench next to Sodom? Never seen it.

  • Need this one day...Wish I had a LS or shirt you were after!!! Amazing album.

  • Hahaha, Pisser!

  • The fuck....

  • Nice!!!! Hell yeah, That was epic too.

  • She has great taste.

  • Funnily enough I do use "RetaN" when I'm undercover on my gaming servers, You'd be surprised how often I don't get noticed until I say something that's Australian...IE: Calling someone a cunt.

  • sick


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