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  • Thanks dude, much appreciated!

  • Thanks! :)

  • Any chance tou selling this?

  • Nice collection dude

  • Дио очень годный.

  • Lost clothes sucks :(

  • Looking great as hell! I'm sure I've seen it without the studs here about a year ago :) Great job.

  • haha that's why I like my Doom with a dose of Death, dude :D

  • Super cabrón el abrigo!! Recientemente estoy haciendo el mío al estilo Black Metal.

  • Thx bro ><

  • Jag gillar den skarpt. Jag har inte sett en sådan förrut.

  • Majestic!!

  • Tnanx man \m/

  • Nice!! Here in Puerto Rico buying patches is difficult and I don't have the luxury of buying online so I handpainted logos from my recent favorite BM bands.

  • Thank you!

  • Nice bag!!

  • nice studwork

  • Nice

  • some months ago the band has reformed with Morgoth singer :)

  • Yes, you finally got it!

  • awesome! looks mint \m/

  • One of the greatest!

  • One of my favorite album/band for sure!

  • Yup, one of my favourites. I picked up a few of these with some other 70's and 80's patches from a chap who used to own a record store back in the day. The chap had died, and they'd just been sat gathering dust!!

  • :)

  • Nice !!!

  • Absolute relic! Looks like it's seem some action.

  • This is great Les! Never seen this particular font or patch before. I wonder what the story is behind it...

  • Great looking print! RIP to a legend.

  • Great selection of bands and you can't give any less than five flames for Elvis! Not the type of style I would wear myself, but it's going to look great when it is all full/layered, etc.


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