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  • It is. Thanks!

  • Really like the back print

  • Great ! have the same one hard to find nowaday.

  • Oh... i never saw them live :( I think they never came to mexico.

  • Yeah not gonna pretend it was big shock or anything. But still a letdown to see Malakyte who were playing shows on the regular at the time get a better reaction. Not to speak down of Malakyte in anyway, because they were also a great band.

  • Wow Killer!!!!! Want the same!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice!!!

  • Sick shirt bro

  • thanx man!!!

  • Definitely hahah

  • Those wolf pins look killer man!

  • Fuckin excellent score mate!!!

  • Thank YOU guys for sending back the Long Sleeve for free, when first having sent a Shirt! TOTAL SUPPORT!

  • Dank Dir!

  • Very nice! Good album!

  • Absolute fire.

  • This jacket looks strangely familiar...

  • Must have been a shitload of work but turned out very well, good job

  • Good old Satyricon

  • Thanks for sharing! I have no heard this one yet. I recently purchased Witchhammer from Monster Nation This Gang 1989 will be next.. Cheers

  • Yes please!

  • Thanks brother

  • Where’d u get the Gehenna first spell

  • thanks.

  • Very nice!

  • Good score brother!!!

  • Killer!

  • Thx Antonio!

  • thx, really cool gig)

  • جريفز ازيك انا عمر صاحب تورنيدو , عايزك ضروري و مش عارف اوصلك ياريت تكلمني لما تشوف الكومنت ده ..


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