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  • super design

  • Thanks sorry if some are duplicate uploads I was trying to figure out how to upload multiple images

  • Sick

  • My information is that its a russian bootleg like the slayer - show no mercy seen here: https://ts...-patch-10

  • Ha! That looks great!

  • Cool design. \m/

  • Edited.

  • Yeah I'm liking the album a lot. Just gotta deconflict some work stuff to get to be able to take the plunge to the Forum... \m/

  • not too fond of patches with faces on them but that BS looks gorgeous

  • Ett måste på varje väst!

  • Nice vest! Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent band!

  • Awesome patches!

  • Awesome BP!

  • Killer band!

  • Thank you! Its sewn on right now

  • Great looking shirt!

  • Cool patch!

  • Thanks man!

  • Thanks mate! One of the best vocals in the business!

  • Killer shirt!

  • Really cool classic shirt!

  • Thanks! Certainly a shirt I'll forever cherish.

  • Yes, indeed! A very wacky dude, loved chatting with him again.

  • Nog meer T-T Ik ga dood hier hah.

  • En nog meer! Ik wou naar hun concert in Arnhem maar kon last minute niet. Fucking jaloers

  • Amazing!! Damn ik hou van deze band

  • yes, i totally agree with you... definitely an underrated band !!!!!

  • great artwork... and nice album... maybe not the best he's done ever, but still a nice album...

  • yeah, looks pretty good...


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