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  • Thanks

  • The Empire strikes again!

  • Ohh the photos are good enough. The LS looks amazing! You must be one of the few who doesnt download. Unfortunately i cant stop doing it.

  • are these old ones?

  • Is the Tokyo Blade patch for sale ?

  • I'm interested

  • Most welcome mate, haha true that, I've got six out of nine I'm working on ;)

  • Cool jacket!! Is the hardware dark or is it just the way u took the pic?

  • P.M

  • that's great

  • coooooooooool

  • I like it!! Not cluttered, everything on it is cool.

  • Thx!

  • Finally!

  • Original one Bro ?

  • Cheers man ! It’s Bout time I got this started ha ha, needed some motivation lol

  • Yep.

  • Love the stud work looks killer. Your hanger looks like its about to die.

  • very nice. can you upload a photo of the back please

  • +1

  • Can't go wrong with Bolt Thrower.

  • Loving the Saint Vitus shape. Wicked taste.

  • Good start. Should get a Pink Floyd backpatch.

  • Dope shirt, I haven't seen this one!

  • Bad ass. Looks great mate.

  • Nice and simple. That Lemmy and Sid pin is epic, two legends.

  • Had a feeling it was yours haha, as always it's epic.

  • Going to steal it. Looks epic man.

  • Oh fuck yeah, great update matey, Alien is a masterpiece!!

  • Can't go wrong with Bathory and Master's Hammer.


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