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  • Thanks for your kind comment Rusty74! :)

  • what a great birthday gift mate, awesome she liked it.

  • very nice longsleeve

  • very cool shirt, well looked after considering it's age.

  • Oh damn, I didnt knew that they are patches from DS..sick! Got all original Demos. Whatever I ordered the Gothmog Patches just at them moment.

  • Fucking cool, love this ban a lot

  • Killer !

  • Thank you I will keep that in mind.

  • Thats brilliant

  • Use Code: SHIP17

  • Cool!

  • Hails & Thanx again for your support! Words to the wise: We will be offering Free Shipping Worldwide (to most countries) on all shirts with no limit from Feb. 27th - Jan. 6th!!

  • Awesome shirt.

  • Great! I will get my pay in 10 days and then I'm going to grab everything I can^^

  • This is sick,love this one!

  • I like this a lot, great shirt!

  • Such a great patch. Hail plaga

  • Very cool one. You seeing them at the Cabooze?

  • Very cool one.

  • haha nice thanx! Actually yes.* New Solanum t shirts and long sleeves just offered to hail the upcoming release on Hollow Myths.* https://s...low-Myths

  • good looking it's 95

  • This is just a beautiful shirt mate. I have exactly the same one, but every time I see a pic of one of these I just get mesmerised. Might be my favourite shirt ever............mabye.

  • here's proof you dont need to buy all the patches under the sun to have a killer jacket

  • These two patches look really good!

  • habe dir mal ne Nachricht geschickt :)

  • Looks DeVine;-)

  • best!

  • Te ha da far sempre Save alla fine, co upload te carichi e foto e dopo co te ga finìo te fa save

  • Damn, that is sick. Very nice.

  • dio sporco nn capisso un casso; anquo go carica 3 maie e me ga cancela el post dio sasin


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