MORGOTH "Resurrection Absurd" official woven Patch



meiner hat ein kaputtes Auge und überlege, ob ich ein Wackelauge einarbeite


was meinste?


don't do that, this will destroy the whole design and atmosphere of this artwork...what is a deathmetal artwork with an nodding eye???


funny? ridiculous?


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Recent Comments

  • Yeah, the front print is very nice.
  • I would agree, major letdown on the backprint, they could've leave it not printed or put a small print which should
  • Killer band, If you ever move I'd happily help, If shirts go missing I didn't do it in advance haha.
  • Wicked shirt and band! Got into them through one of my many Morbid splits!
  • Seen better days eh? Great album!
  • Lucky son of a bitch haha, Great BP mate!!
  • Such a killer shirt!! Sadly missed that tour....I didn't know Archgoat back then.
  • Very true mate! Well said. No doubt women are very dominate at things.
  • Killer collection
  • Yeah, it is haunting, and ghostly...always liked their idea with the 'other dimensions' sounds...
  • Fvkk!!!
  • shadows are falling and here comes the night but im still on my own...
  • Only if you choose to let the world know it, unless it's truly for the betterment of mankind, or at least thats h
  • I wonder where this shirt can be found for buying it from online too?
  • Wow, would totally kill for it!
  • The front is killer, the back print is a bit of a let down though

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