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user Macabre / Sinister

Tue, 08/06/2021 - 14:07

Seller took my money, never sent shirt, then found out it was sold on eBay to someone else.

MrMeanors's picture

User is Sinister from AU.

Have proof that he took my money, ghosted me, then sold the shirt on eBay to double his profits. Fuck this user and any scum on here like it.

Spit on you fuck 🖕🏻

meaningless's picture

pm DoctorDeath - the god(father) of TSS :)

MrMeanors's picture

Thank you 🙏

bad_american1992's picture

Maybe post the conversation screen shots / ebay auction if you are ok with sharing them?

DoctorDeath's picture

Nothing I can do about it, i'm just a programmer

you should have not used [send as a friend] i bet you did, didnt you?

so please just make a paypal claim and get your money back

MrMeanors's picture

I mean, I don't really care about the money to be honest.

More of just an awareness thing. Letting scumbags like this run rampant on here. I know other users who have had issues with this person too. I'm not the only one.

Thanks anyways

meaningless's picture

if i remember right, there is a long Topic about scammes, on the forum, where we all have listed ppl/members to avoid!
Just have a look there..and post his name there, so others can re-check the list for this guy...
cheers :)

meaningless's picture

oh i see..its on the top anyway..hehe..here is the link:


MrMeanors's picture

Made a comment there, thank you!

meaningless's picture

thats great! so every1 can take a look and know whats going on!

Bolt Catcher's picture

I don’t mean to throw any accusations or anything like that, but I remember seeing a forum where someone mentions that a TSS user, “Cryptic_Stench” had not held his end of the deal with other people. The same user that made the forum also mentioned that Cryptic_Stench might be the same person that used the “Macabre” and “Sinister” accounts. I can’t find the forum so I’m commenting on this one because it’s relevant and there’s no point in making another forum for just one guy. Like I said, it’s not an accusation, I’m just giving people a heads up, the last thing we need is the same guy (or anyone) to scam more people. If you look at all 3 accounts they all have very similar responses to the little TSS questions that go on our profiles so that’s something to keep in mind. Cryptic_Stench already has a high value item for “sale only”. Don’t forget to but with protection, even if someone has 5+ good reviews, look at what happened with Macabre and Klepto_Skuld. Stay metal and stay safe \m/

Bolt Catcher's picture

Why the link?

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