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SCAMMER - Macabre

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 14:13


I got scammed by Macabre from AU.

Real name / alias: Evangelos Kostoglou
Address: 9/26 palm Avenue, Reservoir
Postal code: 3073
Country: Australia
City: Melbourne, VIC

In a fraudulous double trade I lost:

- Napalm Death shorts
- Benediction shorts
- Entombed shorts
- CC Eaten back to life shirt
- €115
- shipping (x2)

All items OG early 90s. Estimated amount lost: €700

Macabre was known before here as Genitalia Grinder I believe.

Who can pay this guy a visit? This has to stop.

karmaDH6's picture

Sorry to hear that man!
It's a shame that TSS does absolutely nothing against scammers.
Each time I hear someone complain about a scammer on the forum, the administrator goes "I'm not a programmer, go support my page for 5$ a month". Yeah right, as if banning is a thing that requires deep IT-skills. Even if a ban can be evaded, it's worse to let known scammers log on and off freely on this site and converse with other users, enabling them to rip off someone else who may not pay as much attention.
TSS has become like a free-pass for scammers, and Macabre really shows how easy this works on here.
I'm pretty sure Macabre also went under the name of Sinister, who already had scammed quite some people in the past year.
TSS should definitely re-think its scammer politics. It's not like they have to take IT-classes just to protect their users.

DoctorDeath's picture

"TSS should definitely re-think its scammer politics. " what do you want me todo exactly? take a portable chair, go and sit at everyones keyboards and shake my finger at them?

karmaDH6's picture

If that's the only option you can think of, then I can totally see Macabre/Sinister/Whatever open up a third, fourth, fifth account and continue to scam the fuck out of people on here.
It's also surprising to me that you're saying that TSS is more a TShirt-Gallery rather than a trading platform, seeing that you have 41 trade reviews under your belt to. I'd say this goes quite a bit beyond "buying something sometimes". Especially with people like maanelyst who seem to be paying a portion of their rent by selling shirts here on TSS, you can't really say that this is just a gallery anymore.
And let's face it: Being a supporter wouldn't change a thing on the current situation. Or would you definitely totally go out of your way to take measures once a supporter demands it because he got scammed AND coincidentally pays 5$ a month to your site?

DoctorDeath's picture

they are from giving out stickers :'(

karmaDH6's picture

Oh - I have to admit that was a mistake on my side:) Sorry for not having looked up any further.

meaningless's picture

oh dude, im sorry to hear that!!! :( :(

I got scammed as well, straight second day after joining TSS, many many years ago....no idea how it was, he got banned anyway.
Thats how i lost my nice Morbid Angel LS...which poped up here AGAIN!!! because another member bought it from this scammer******, for sure -without knowing it (...i hope!) ....realy - sorry to hear that dude :(

..but i have learnd my lesson...i got never ever scammed again - not here, not somewhere else....

Robin_lifts's picture

This guy is really evil. I mean I asked him where the parcels were that he traded with me and he just played along all time. Like dude it’s X Mas, and next time I’ll choose another shipping option, blablablabla, while he knows these boxes are either empty or filled with shit, as he did to other people here.

Funny thing is that I got almost banned several times because some pathetic moderator guy here told me that I stole photos… which were actually my own photos that I just saved and used again with new entries of my own pieces. While this scammer guy has been stealing photos from other people here all the time. He probably doesn’t even own the shit he’s selling here.

DoctorDeath's picture

to be fair, i know that australian mail is totally fucked at the moment, their mail is like 2-3 months to europe REGISTERED

Robin_lifts's picture

Anyone knows someone living in Melbourne who can pay this guy a visit?

George21's picture

Has he actually sent you anything mate? You have any tracking number?

Robin_lifts's picture

Yes, but another victim told me he received a box with a Dunkin Donuts tanktop. This same guy also told me that other people just received empty boxes.

When I confronted him with that he ignored my messages and then immediately emptied his profile.

Somehow his other profile is still active? https://tshirtslayer.com/user/sinister

I don’t understand why TSS doesn’t do anything against this person

George21's picture

To be honest i don't think they can do more than ban him or flag him as a scammer
If i was you i would have communicated with the other guys were scammed and file a joined report to Victoria Police for online fraud. I used to live in Vic , Australia and believe me they don't fuck around. Ask the admin here to provide you with that cunts IP address as this can be useful too in case the address you have is not actually his

George21's picture

Is the name on his paypal the same ? What's the actual name appeared when you sent him the money

DoctorDeath's picture

Macabre and Sinister are the same person 100%, I can see he uses the same name

Robin_lifts's picture

Mentioned in my original post + address

George21's picture

Mate , as Greek i am too I've already made some enquiries about him in some friends from Melbourne and Greek forums . It's very possible that the name you have being fake , however if it matches with his paypal actual name " you've sent money to...... " if these dot's having the same name then yes that's him.
As you see I'm trying to help you here but you are a bit rude !!!

Comella77's picture

Thank you George for helping out whenever is possible.

George21's picture

No probs mate

Robin_lifts's picture

Didn’t mean to be rude. Was in a hurry. Thanks for helping out! Really appreciate that.

MortalFate's picture

Unreal. My condolences, brother. Justice will come, one day. Wouldn't envy the thief.

bad_american1992's picture

If you're doing a high value or somewhat risky trade, always always always see what the other member's reputation is. This goes more than just trade reviews. Are they active in the forums? Posting pictures of them and their mates having fun? Cause the fly-by-night fucksticks never have profiles like this. They only care about money. If Johnny Jackoff has have zero reviews, 100 mega rare shirts and no action shots or other participation, think twice before you make a deal that's worth more than you can afford to lose. And if you have 100 reviews to their 0, they should understand they might have to send their package first before you send yours. If they don't, news flash, they are probably a con.

Tshirtslayer started as a gallery, not a commerce platform, and functions as such. I doubt Doc has the time or patience to track down every retard abusing the system, especially cause he made this place to document rare metal clothes and merch. If you want more buyer protection I suggest using eBay or Depop, which are specifically e-commerce driven platform.

Robin_lifts's picture

Actually this situation is a bit more nuanced than that. I already had a deal with this guy. He purchased a shirt from me. Just the paid the price and I shipped it right away. His profile looked legit as well. On his other account (SINISTER) he actually uploaded stuff less rare, wrote a short bio and even added a wanted list. If you check this account, you’ll also see some positive trade reviews.

In all fairness I’m not a 100% sure I’ve been scammed. Macabre shipped out 2 parcels. But because this has been taking since forever, I checked his trade reviews. I wrote one guy who gave him a bad review and we talked on IG for a bit. He scammed this guy. When I confronted Macabre with this, he emptied his profiel right away. He hasn’t responded to any of my messages sinds either. After I made a story on IG that was shared in the community (thx guys), another guy wrote me. He came up with the same story.

The funny thing is that there’s a different side to this whole thing. As with my own first successful sell, some people came up who told me and some people who have been trying to help me that they traded with this guy without any problems.

It’s all just really, really weird

DoctorDeath's picture

by the way, one friend that lives in europe was waiting for a replacement bank card, express mailed from Sydney, was sent November 5th and arrived Jan 4th!

DoctorDeath's picture

Especially for people that flat refuse to become a tss supporter

DoctorDeath's picture

You're not a TSS supporter, I dont want to sound like a cunt, but, i mean.. you send your shirts to some guy on the internet you dont know, and dont even support the forum, and then you're on here crying, and now you expect something back? you know this website only exists because others pay for it right?

I have backups of the system on a daily basis going back a long way, i can pull that data for you, but really man, since you're talking about all this money and tshirts flying around, but you dont even support us.. i dont know what to say here, does not feel right to me either

you spend hundreds of euro's here on tshirtslayer, but you refuse to help out tshirtslayer for even just 1 euro a month


DoctorDeath's picture

I'm thinking this year some big changes

TSS is originally a tshirt gallery, not a trading platform, its nice to buy something sometimes, but thats about it

- You wont be able to PM eachother and do little deals unless you're a supporter, if you want to trade tshirts and lose them to someone you never met please go back to facebook, I believe many scammers wont bother being a supporter, I'm willing to lose some traffic to tshirtslayer in exchange for less of this stuff happening

- If are not a supporter, you will have to pay a 5% fee of the sale, this is half as much as DePop and eBay etc, TSS costs time and money to run, I should be paid for my time here, but instead I'm wasting my hours on this shit when I should be either drinking a mojito on the beach or working a REAL job to pay for my rent, food and family expenses

Robin_lifts's picture

You’re totally missing the point.

It now almost sounds as if I’m bringing this upon myself because I don’t support TSS yet. Sure you can’t be meaning that……

And crying? You think this is a normal thing to do or something? Because I haven’t paid that $1 a month? Sigh, I don’t even think I wanna have this discussion

DoctorDeath's picture

I'm lost, you're the one crying i think, you started the post !?!?

Robin_lifts's picture

Empathy is the word. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. And I’m pretty you don’t either.

DoctorDeath's picture

yes its a fucked situation, you have my empathy

Whispers of Death's picture

Completely out of curiosity, not to be rude or an ass at all, but it sounds like youre more or less done with running tss?

DoctorDeath's picture

I enjoy it, but i dont enjoy this part, i want to make some changes so that it goes back to being about a gallery (which i totally fucking love) and not about this stupid stuff

humus's picture

Well you got a choice to make. Either you put hold to the influx of 'vintage sellers' or you become a 'vintage platform' yourself. To be honest, I think if you go for the second option the site will bleed to death in a few years.

And before I get the 'no supporter' preach, I choose not to be a supporter (or active contributor even) because I don't like the current state of the website where commerce overtook people sharing their passion/hobby.

Robin_lifts's picture

By the way, I’m not a dealer. I’ve never made money with my sells and trades. I usually lose money. Either because I sell an item for less than I bought it for, or because I lose a lot of money on shipping.

I think a lot of people here are like me: metal fans just looking for pieces they really love and are not that much concerned with business. If it wasn’t for scammers, TSS is a great platform for that. For which I’m also very grateful!

And before I get accused of using TSS only for trades, i also upload pieces I already have or acquired elsewhere for others to enjoy and to contribute to the actual purpose of TSS

Ebay sucks: Ebay charges commission costs, PayPal charges and when you want to convert money to your own currency, you’re also charged. It has already gotten so far by now that when you well an item for let’s say $200, with all additional costs they transfer like less than €100 to your bank account

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trading with both parties only losing money on shipping costs (not taking into account original prices paid for the items) has my preference

DoctorDeath's picture

on 11/jan macabre deleted all posts in his profile btw... i was wondering why that was happening, now i know!

DoctorDeath's picture

"I see you added a warning to his account, thank you"

"yes no problems"

well, its a thankless, poorly paid job i guess :(

DoctorDeath's picture

You wrote "In all fairness I’m not a 100% sure I’ve been scammed. "

but then you plaster his name under the headline "SCAMMER MACABRE"

I don't know how i feel about that either

Robin_lifts's picture

He didn’t reply my messages and emptied his profile after I asked him if indeed he sent this person who gave him a bad review a box with a Dunkin Donuts tanktop.

I can’t confirm what’s in the box but if this actually happened to this guy and another guy I’ve spoken to people should be warned

CelticFrostedSnowflake's picture

Well damn, he almost bought a few shirts from me. Can only imagine he’d try to use them to scam with. Glad he got caught.

fall in disease's picture

I traded with him also unfortunately - he got what I sent and left me positive feedback which is so damn nice of him !
I’ve a tracking number from his end which is still showing up in transit since the 8th of December but if something now arrives I don’t think it’ll be what I was meant to get in this trade.
after seeing all this scammer stuff I’m well pissed off that I was so naive to deal with him - the shirts I sent him are fairly rare/expensive he’s put me off ever trading again and put me off the whole shirt collecting business in general, hopefully karma pays this wanker a visit with a baseball bat ! You need to be one sad fucker to treat people this way …

MortalFate's picture

Sorry for your pain. Actions do have consequences; have trust in that. Worse than you can imagine, too. Have seen such happen countless times.

Robin_lifts's picture

Ok I received the parcel this piece of shit sent me.

It’s an unwashed neon colored sport shirt full of mud stains.

I hope his piece of shit will just die in some horrible accident, his life is worthless, a waste of oxygen.

Again: I lost €115, three rare shorts, a rare shirt and shipping x2

Thrashersky's picture

Adding an internal functionality like on Vinted with shipping label generation, parcel tracking, insurance and then the receiving person confirmation that all went clear could push this site to the next level and could benefit in cash for percentage of each trade deal. But it would be a shitload of work for a one person I guess

bad_american1992's picture

Wouldn't prevent a cunt like Macabre sticking a nasty Dunkin Donuts shirt in the package and then completing all of the steps you just mentioned.

LD50's picture

I’m out $1492.11 currently with Macabre. No communication on his end since January 7th. He was supposed to ship 4 items to me (2 of which I know now were stolen from Robin).

fall in disease's picture


That’s his email address

I’ve reported him to PayPal and eBay where he’s active , I’m going to report him to the local Garda here for fraud just to see if anything can be done which is doubtful but might as well try at least !
I posted on the Facebook reliable and scammer list worldwide page
The fucker sent me an old grey adidas shirt for 2 vintage T-shirts - scumbag

George21's picture

If i was you David i would have gathered everything and i would have made a report to Victoria police for online thievery. I know for a fact ( as i used to live there ) that they have zero Tolerance policy for online scamming. That name ( evangelos kostoglou ) might be fake , what is the name connected to his paypal account ??

fall in disease's picture

This is what I have on him so far

fall in disease's picture

On PayPal another email address is showing as : johnsanderson1973@outlook.com

So it’s possible he is John Sanderson or John S Anderson

fall in disease's picture

I’ve contacted Victoria police George they advised me to report to my local police here first

George21's picture

Fair enough

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