Tony Sarkka aka IT has passed

Wed, 15/02/2017 - 22:16

A true legend and another of the old BM scene is gone. Apparently he committed suicide if what I am reading is accurate. He died yesterday or the day before.

He was involved in some very unique bands. Of course we all know Abruptum, but Ophthalamia was some of the most unique BM ever created and I've never heard anything similar to it.

My association with Tony goes back to the Myspace days when we would frequently talk about music and philosophy. He was a great and honorable man. He spoke of possible new Ophthalamia music but sadly this will never happen now. We all know he was close friends of Euronymous and Jon so now he can finally join them wherever they may all reside now.

Rest well my friend and see you soon.


Damn that fucking sucks...

Well said about Ophthalamia, I randomly bought an album ages ago and enjoyed it, When I was listening to it I was in the process of driving up the mountains, Was such an amazing feeling.

Rest in piece Tony.

Ravishing Grimness

Damn pity and a great loss.


That's a shame... Ophthalamia are one of the best Black metal bands that ever existed.


That's a shame indeed. I always keep coming back to his music. Be it Vondur, Ophthalamia or Abruptum.
I was always hoping he'd one day return to making music, well I guess that's out of the question now.
Gone but never forgotten!


Shit. RIP


i'm sorry to hear this.

satan's radish

Seeing this just now was really a shock. It is very disappointing news. Even worse if it was, in fact, a suicide.

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