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Remove Tippex from a leather jacket

Type O Goil
Tue, 05/09/2023 - 08:38

Hi everyone, I'm here to ask for your help with my leather jacket: as a teenager, I thought it was SUPER COOL to draw with Tippex and paint on this jacket, and, almost 20 years later, I would like to restore it so remove these traces of Tippex because, stupid as I am, it's one of the rare objects I have left from my mother.

Do you know how to do it or should I go directly to a tannery or specialized store ?

Thanks a lot !

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

Have you tried if thinner attacks the leather?

Type O Goil's picture

No never, too scared to ripped off the leather (the jacket is from the '80 and, even if it's a real leather jacket, I never maintained the leather (yeah I know shame on me)

Do you know any thinner for that ?

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

Maybe you should get any thinner from a hardware store and just try it somewhere where one doesn't see it. Maybe underneath the collar or somewhere.
Just make sure to use very little and apply it with a soft piece of cloth.

Type O Goil's picture

Yup, I saw online that turpentine or acetone can be used, and thankfully those products are easy to get, but thanks for your answer mate !

irfan's picture

I go with the acetone, its for nail and I think also ok for leather

Type O Goil's picture

It didn't destroyed the leather skin of your jacket ?
Yeah I saw that too about the nail polish remover but I really went hard when I was a teen on the Tipex -_- so i'm kinda worried that it's not gonna be enough

irfan's picture

I used small volume of acetone & cotton. Direct-quickly wipe since acetone easy to evaporate, all went smooth. Anw you can recolour it using leather ink to make it 100

Type O Goil's picture

After such a treatment, waxing it is the minimum lol

But thanks a lot for your help, at least I know it's working with acetone !

doctordeath's picture

waxing things always works well 8)

but yeah, try the most gentle solution first, you probably going to have to re-dye the area a bit, i had some really old stickers on my heavy leather jacket for many years, even peeling those off affects the black on the jacket, but you'll work it out :)

Type O Goil's picture

Wax & dye right hehe, but yeah I totally fucked up with it but, if you say it's possible I trust you, do you have any advices ? Like, should I go with acetone or turpentine for ya ?

Army of Dragons's picture

Tippex is the whiteout brand right?

I used to have a friend that had a similar issue. I believe he used an acetone to remove the whiteout and used a bit of a damp and dry cloth to clean up the excess. I sadly don't remember which specific acetone brand he used, though.

One tip that I can recommend to you is to use a cotton swab and work in one small section at a time. Acetone works quickly and requires fast clean up. So as long as you are quick and vigilant, you should be fine.

Another thing to maybe try out is if you have an extra piece of leather laying around that you don't mind experimenting on, try adding some tippex on that and test out removing the whiteout on that first before removing it from your actual leather jacket. No matter what solution you go with (Using acetone or something else), I promise that doing this first will make you less scared and more comfortable working on your jacket since you'll have an idea on how the process works.

I know my comment is more about tips rather than the actual solution to your problem, but I hope that you at least found one thing from here that will be useful. I know how it feels to keep the clothes from your loved ones alive. I have clothes from my late grandmother that I keep close to my heart and I would do anything to make sure that they don't quickly wear out from time.

Type O Goil's picture

Hi ! Yes it is haha, as you can imagine English isn't my mothertongue and even if I tried to search how it was called, some websites translated it with the brand's name so thank you for improving my vocabulary, whiteout, noted ☺️

And your tips are very helpful and encouraging tbh, you don't have a solution but, support and help are always appreciated so thank you for that first ✨ the idea of having an extra piece of leather is quite good actually because, like you said, it will gives me confidence for restoring my jacket so I note that too hehe 🖤

And acetone seems to be the most common way to take off the whiteout and, from what I gathered online on forum or here, some talked about the nail polish remover, so I'll try with a good remover and with pure acetone with the extra leather piece hehe (feels like a little chemist hehe)

And, I hope your gram's clothes are still intact, I know how difficult and painful it is to lost things that our beloved ones cherished all their life. I remember this jacket belonged to my mother during her youth and she gave it to me when I was around 12 or 13, and, as you know, it's not the smartest age 🤣 she wasn't disappointed but her eyes were screaming in pain 🤣 now that I'm a old lady, I know the sentimental value to this jacket and it's hard to look at it in this shape and I want to restore it like it used to be, just a cool and heavy jacket ☺️

So thank you for all your tips and others are welcome hehe (btw, I burst in laugh with your Mathieu Chedid PP)

Army of Dragons's picture

Ah no worries I understand. I just wanted to ask first because we don't have Tippex here in Canada. We have a bunch of manufacturing companies that make a bunch of them under different names, but we all just call them whiteout here since it can get very confusing. Also, I just looked up if there was a general name for this type of white liquid since I as well didn't know before hand and it is apparently called 'correction fluid' (or in your case: 'correcteur liquide' or 'effaceur liquide'). So hopefully this bit of info can help you out in the future!

I'm happy you found my tips to be useful and will come in handy! For the leather, if you don't have an extra leather piece lying around, I'm sure you can probably find a cheap and beaten up leather jacket or object at a second hand store and experiment on that.

And that sounds like a good idea! Just another tip when using strong chemicals like acetone: When you clean up your jacket, it's not going to look 100% like it's back to normal. There might be a bit of discoloration either due to the chemicals or because of age. But as the user irfan mentioned above, there's certain paints / inks that are meant to be used on leather to retouch any spots (They might be a bit pricey though since they are specifically made for a certain surface, but I haven't checked). Still, I'm sure you'll be fine in the end.

Yes! I keep my grandmother's clothing in a very secure area in my closet and I check on them every once in a while to make sure nothing suspicious is going on with them. And ah don't worry you're not the only one. I used to draw on some of my childhood toys with permanent marker when I was younger. Looking back, I deeply regret what I did. I would do anything to have the permanent marker removed from those toys (But removing that out of fake fur and unknown plastic materials are another story).

And you're welcome! Also, thank you for noticing my Matthieu Chedid profile pic lol. I've been a fan of his since he released his latest album last year. His music is pretty chill and is a great alternative to my usual metal playlist (Even though I only understand like 2% of his lyrics). Plus, I am a sucker for music artists that preform in costumes (Such as Gwar and Lordi for example). So when I saw his outfit with his hair horns and black / pink outfit, I just had to check him out! I was honestly really shocked at first at his music, because to me, he looked like a metal musician at first glance. 😅

Type O Goil's picture

Nahh it's okay, here, in France, we've got a bad habit for taking brands and transforms them as a word (by example, some of us call their fridges a "frigo" when we say "un réfrigérateur", frigo was a brand of fridges haha and the list goes on)
The "correcteur liquide" seems so Quebecer hahaha, but in reality that's true, never used or heard this specific combination of words, usually we'll say a "correcteur" or Tippex hahaha, plain & simple :p

You know, support is a ressource, and you took from your time to helping me to restore this jacket, so, very happy to chat about.

About the decoloration, do you think I'll need to dye my jacket or waxing it would be enough in your opinion ? And it's normal for the jacket to not be like in day one, but, at least, if I can take off completly all the whiteout and giving it a nice care, I'll be fine with it hehe. Plus, jacket who lived are more interresting tbh :p

Aahhhhh, glad to hear that your grandma's clothes are safe & well kept ! Those things are real treasure, and, as the subject is here, can you prevent dry rot or it's inevitable ? I heard it's impossible to restore a dry rotten shirt due to the sulfide in the ink but idk and it always makes me curious !
Oh noooooooo, poor poor toys ....... And poor bank account probably hahahahaha, naah, jokes aside, toys are meant for kids so in a way, made to fucked up haha, imagine if kids in the 80 or 90's have been super cautious with, idk, their Pokémon cards or their Transformers figurines, would be sad no ?
Hahahahaha, it would be the story of your life, the path to restoration :p

I swear, when I saw your profile picture I was "hmmmm, interesting, but ... why ?" even if M is an incredible and very open artist, and, despite his grandma being an incredible novelist and his dad being a singer-songwriter, he's not such a nepobaby. In a way, when he was younger and goes in interviews, people talked of course about his hair but also they tried to find who his parents were because, Matthieu was very shy and discreet about it. So, when people who, didn't liked M learned that his father was Louis Chedid, they changed radically their opinions "aaaaaah that's why he's so creative, like his father' etc etc
For a very long time, M was totally an UFO in France, despite collaboring with a lots of french varieties artists.
M costume is just so freaking fun, and if I'm not wrong it comes from his love for Bowie, how surprising right ?
And if you need some translations or help sometimes with M's lyrics, don't hesitate to jump onto my DM's, if I can help it'd be super cool :)

Aaaaaaaah satyrical metal is particular, I think it's very... 50/50 in your approach : or you like it, or you hate it. Personally I love their costumes but the music isn't my cup of tea, but, if YOU enjoy it, that's all what matters in the end !

Army of Dragons's picture

Ah that's the same with my Polish family. For example, they call every running shoe 'Adidasa' even when it wasn't made by Adidas.

As for the waxing, I'm not sure because I've never dealt with wax before. Perhaps there's a YouTube video or two that can go more in depth what that, but my knowledge for that ends there sadly. :(

For dry rot, that's a bit of a difficult question. I've only ever dealt with dry rot once. And it was for a shirt that I got last year for Christmas. Meanwhile, I have a lot of other shirts in my closet that I've had for years and they are still in good shape. I think trying to prevent dry rot depends on a number of factors: The materials used on the clothes (If they were strong / good or not), how many times you've washed them in the washing machine, where you store them, etc. I think as long as you don't machine wash your clothes too much and store them in a safe area that doesn't have extreme temperatures, your clothes should be safe for a very long time! I'm not sure if there is a complete cure for dry rot, though. But I hope there is because I would cry if some of my other shirts get it.

I think you're right actually. Honestly, those marks showed that they were played with and do hold a bit of memories to them. Plus, I'll save much more money if I kept them the way they are now. It's not an emergency to clean them plus I don't play with them anymore. You have convinced me to keep my toys at their current state (And for that, my wallet thanks you :) ).

That's what I've noticed about him too. I like how he doesn't bring up that he was famous because of his dad and he just did his own things. Pretty much trying to prove that he can create his own art without the help of his past family members at first (Even though I think his grandmother did write a few of his songs? But I think that was in the mid 2000s. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). I just love how M is so humble like that. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to all the other mainstream pop / rock musicians out there. Funny enough, the first time I ever heard about M was through a collab he did in 1996 with another French artist called "Billy Ze Kick". Please tell me you know about BZK because they are my favourite French artist / band of all time!

I honestly didn't know that Matthieu made M using Bowie as an inspiration, but it makes sense. I read somewhere that he used an owl painting that his grandmother gave him to come up with his signature hairstyle. And ah that would be so great if you can translate some of his lyrics for me! Thank you for your help! I actually have never DM'ed someone on this website before. So I'm gonna have to figure that out.

And yee you're right. I have a few metalhead friends in my circle that hate their music, but they wouldn't mind tagging along with me if I ever go to their shows since those kinds of bands can put on quite a fun show!

Type O Goil's picture

Honestly that's so cute hahahahaha, do you know why they choose the brand Adidas for talking about running shoes in Poland ?

I dealt once with a dry rot shirt without knowing at first too, I thought it was moth-eaten haha !
You've been able to restore or save your dry rot shirt ? Or you didn't tried ?
I'm asking you that because I've got a "vintage" Loudblast shirt from 94' and I'd be pissed off if it became dry rot, I wear it about once a week, always wash it by hand & cold water, store in my closet suspended by hanger & not folded, do you have more tips or advices ?

And idk for a cure, always saw online it's impossible :(

Exactly, a toy is meant to be played, and, it's funny but, by example for Pokémon cards you've got an option on PSA (a gradation service for cards) which allows you to grade cards where, for example at the back, a kid had marked his name and is, in theory not salable (got a friend who found some Charizard in his attic with a big KEVIN written in the back hahhahaa)
You can always displays them and, if in the future you need some bucks & don't mind to sell them, as you're in North America you must have some companies for restoring toys (and if you need, I follow a youtube creator who's doing vintage toys restoration with kinda step to step to how to do it)

Nahhh he was always super shy and it's due to the tabloids that we knew, at least in France who's his dad was.
And you're correct, his grandma co-write with him as long as his dad, but, it's not due to a lack of talent, it's just music is a family thing for them, i dont remember in which album Matthieu's little sister sang &co- wrote also. And he did the same, he wrote for his sister, I think he did some collabs with his dad but i'm not sure about this point so don't be shy to correct me.
For his success idk it it's due to the fact that M had a band with two of his friends, which also are sons of two of the most famous variety artist in France (Laurent Voulzy & Alain Souchon). It reminds me the Daft Punk, in a way that, one of the two fondators of the band got a dad in the music industry & produced some very famous songs.
OH GOSH BZK !!!!! "Mangez moi mangez moiiiii" such an iconic song here (lots of kids back in the time in elementary school had to make a little show dressed as mushrooms and sang it without knowing the meaning, same for the teachers hahahaha but yup, wasn't uncommon to hear that)

If i'm not wrong it's the Ziggy Stardust & Major Tom era who inspired him for his outfits, for the hair tbh I don't know and it would be such a cool fun fact, I always thought he did the M because his name is Matthieu hahahaha

Totally agree, my hubby loves satyrical metal and I went once with him to a show, with a lot of reluctance, well, I had a very fun moment ! And that's nice that you've got such good friends willing to party with you despite it's not their thing !

Army of Dragons's picture

Idk. I guess it just rolls off of the Polish tongue really well.

I've never tried to restore dry rot before, mostly because I have no idea how to do it or where to start. :( I think hand washing your clothes and suspending them is the best thing you can do in this case. I don't know any better option for your clothes other than what you are already doing. And that seriously sucks that there is no cure for dry rot. Hopefully someone will come up with something in the future.

Oh no lol. Do you by any chance know if your friend had a first edition Charizard card? Because I know those sell for extremely insane prices even if it is not PSA graded. I'll try to look around if I can find one of those companies / shops that restores toys (I know there were some in the 2000s when I was growing up, but idk if they have went out of business now). With that being said, I would love a link to that YT channel that does the restorations! That would come in handy for me!

Aww poor Matthieu. He doesn't seem to be too shy when he is playing as -M- though. But when he's in interviews, I notice that he seems a bit different personality wise. As for him working with his dad, I still haven't checked all of -M-'s catalogue yet, but I do know that his whole family made an album together (I think it was called 'Chedid' and released sometime in 2015. Him, his dad, his brother, and his sister are on it).

I feel bad because I didn't know about his friends nor did I know about Laurent Voulzy and Alain Souchon. These are all new names to me. Looks like I have some more French music to research into. And also wtf, there's no way that the teachers didn't know about the inappropriate nature behind Mangez-moi. That's absolutely crazy that kids got away with singing that song in school plays lmaoooo. That's like if kids here got away with singing Aqua - Barbie Girl.

Ah I can definitely see the Ziggy Stardust inspo behind his design at least. And you are right about him wanting his hair to look like an M as well for that reason. I'm pretty sure it was a mix of both inspo's.

Ooo what kind of show did you guys go to? Do you remember who played? Because I would love to know more funny metal bands!

CountWurdulak's picture

Jpeux pas te conseiller sur comment enlever ça mais j'laisserais le ACAB si j'étais toi hahaha

Type O Goil's picture

Mdrrr avec ma vieille écriture d'ado laisse tomber c'est d'un criiiiiinge :D (mais ça reste mignon quand même d'un côté haha)

CountWurdulak's picture

J'avoue que pour la calligraphie on y repassera mais t'as tout de même raison hahah
Mais quand même, comme on dit par chez nous Fuck les Boeufs ! haha

Type O Goil's picture

Aaaaaah tu me fais hésiter à l'effacer maintenant !!! T_T

MetalVenom's picture

All Commies Are Bastards.

Type O Goil's picture

All Cats Are Beautiful :p

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