Preserving signatures on backpatch?

Thu, 17/11/2016 - 14:53

I got my backpatch signed a few years ago now, and it's faded to the point that you can barely tell anything's there any more. I'm gonna see if I can just go over the signatures again myself/get the band to do it again tonight (though the bassist's left, so I'll need to do that one myself anyway), but is there any way I can make them less prone to fading in the future except for standing at the back at gigs and avoiding any human contact? XD


You could try using a fabric pen?


I didn't want to have to iron over it to set it in case I damaged the backpatch print! I used a paint marker which I thought would stay, but I guess four years of having sweaty people grabbing hold of it took its toll XD

Thinking of trying some clear fabric paint over the signatures now.


Ah, when I iron on stuff like that I usually put baking paper over the thing I'm ironing which seems to protect it.


I understand your problem. There are special markers which are for clothings. You have to iron over it to get it permanent. I use this for the autographs on the inside and it works pretty good.
Another thing I thought about: Maybe you can embroider around the signatures? How would that look?


I thought about embroidering over the signatures! Someone uploaded a jacket here where they did it and it looked pretty good -- I'm not sure I have the patience to do it myself though, haha.

I guess I'll get myself a fabric pen. Weirdly, all the signatures on the actual denim part of my jacket were just done in regular permanent marker and nothing's happened to them... the only ones that have faded are the ones that got done in silver paint marker.


when i was a teenager, i had jello biafra sign my DK backpatch at a speaking gig. to my eternal shame, i kept wearing the hoodie and even w/o washing it, the signature eventually dissapeared. so imo if you want a signed patch to live on, take it off your article of clothing and frame it, or put it into a vinyl record dust jacket, or something else besides wearing it off.

An Overdose Of Mkultra

I had Joel Grind sign my BP in October with a sharpie and put clear polish over it but it's still fading, so I plan to embroider.

An Overdose Of Mkultra

Update: I finished it, and overall I'd recommend if you're good at embroidery. Some spots came out sloppy, but overall it looks badass.


Nice to hear. Could you make a picture of it?


Clear spray paint bruh


Go to a art store there is a clear cover spray for paintings (oil, acrylic ) spray over the signatures 2 coats not thick. Nice thing is the liquid is UV protected.


i used gloss picture varnish,I use a pair of layers of varnish for acrylic paint, on the backpactch I paint by hand, leaving to dry about 12 hours between each application, with two is enough,this should be serve


Use this stuff called modge podge. Buy it at fabric or craft stores. It won't crack our peel. Use matte or it Will be glossy. I make leather crafts so I have put it to the test

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