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I bought a tool patch from a guy on TSS but it hasnt shown up yet

Fri, 25/11/2022 - 08:10

I bought this at the beginning of September and I was told it was sent out. I don't think that is the case and it's still listed.

hopeiw's picture

See if you can include any LESS details.. from where did you buy it? where did you ship it to?

Did you call the seller? did you send them an email? write them a letter?

CorbinEvolved's picture

It was on tshirtslayer. I bought it from the user samael6666. I messaged him and he said he sent it, but it never came. He has one review from someone on his profile talking about a similar issue. I'm wondering if anyone has ran into this same issue and if it's being used to scam people for bits of cash over time.

Streptococcus's picture

If his only trade review was a negative one and there is no other review for the same patch I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have on locating the patch much less someone with a similar story.

I now see you are saying that there is only one other review stating a similar experience. I am not sure, accidents and errors in the process may occur but if he is not responding to your messages whilst being online aswell then it may be intended/an issue as opposed to a simple accident.

Brendon's picture

He is a reliable guy ive dealt with him multiple times and purchased from his webstore. Its most likely stuck in some post office conveyor somewhere ive had 2 different packages get stuck in the st.paul sorting facility and show up over a year later with burnt rubber all over the package. Moral of the story i dont believe he ripped you off just another case of lost mail and if you dont have tracking or insurance then its kinda a lost cause.

CorbinEvolved's picture

You know honestly, to have that patch possibly show up out of no where would be pretty cool. I do love surprises. If it comes, it comes. If not, damn oh well. I'm just wanna' be sure it isn't one of those little bits of cash over time scams. The dude seems legit, I've just had some bad experiences with others that make me question some peoples motives. Thank you guys, I appreciate it!

doctordeath's picture

I changed the title of your post to something that makes sense

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

Have had good experiences with this seller. Hopefully your patch arrives but if it doesn't, I don't believe it's because he's scamming. Sometimes shit just happens.

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