How to view prices

Jerry Hartley
Sun, 12/02/2017 - 17:42

Maybe I'm missing something, but when look up items to buy there are no prices. Please help.



yeah.. that's why there is a link in RED and UNDERLINED at the top of each post if it marked as "sale" or "sale or trade" called "ASK ABOUT A SALE OR TRADE"

basically, with that link in red, and underlined, at the top of the item, you click on the link and message the person who has it

in the same area, it may be set to NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE, meaning, obviously, that it's not for sale, or trade


we are a gallery of collectors first, and maybe some items are marked for sale or trade secondary to this


this is not ebay!!! like Doc said this is a collectors website. you make a offer. Don't ask "how much?" because its a time waster!


"thanks for the reply!"
"no problems!"

always nice when people are grateful for someone else spending time to answer their questions...

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