How bad does your kutte stink?

Tue, 02/04/2013 - 17:43

Silly topic, but I'm pretty bored today :D

Mine used to smell pretty horrific. Would never consider washing it, mainly because I dyed the fabric black, which I'm sure would then run into the patches and spoil them. But after some of my friends kept on commenting on the aroma, I cut off a chunk off the armpits, and since then the smell has been much reduced! Still a bit whiffy, as you'd expect, but no longer putrid :p

So yeah, how stinky is yours? Are you one of those people that commits the sin of putting their kutte in the washing machine, or does yours have years of sweat and festival dirt festering in the fabric?

Tankard Emptyer's picture

Mine doesn't stink, though I wear it every day.
From time to time I wipe the table in a bar with it (mainy, when my friends spill their drinks) and than I have a good alcoholic aroma for some days, but it fades quickly.

Marci's picture

+1 except for the erryday part

VoodooChild's picture

Not bad enough.

Bayernpirat's picture

not really but I think there´s enough salt in it of my sweat to brew a good soup

StereoDeth's picture

I'm one of those guys, who don't smell that fast.
(that doesn't mean I don't or rarely take a shower :P)
Not a big sweater either.

If my vest really starts to smell or smell bad,
I'll possibly clean the dirty patches with a toothbrush
and put the whole vest into washtub with warm water
and some detergent and let it rest for a few hours.
After that, I'll carefully squeeze it a bit.
I think the best solution to finish the whole process,
is to wear the vest while you're taking a shower (obviously with warm water, not hot).

MasterDeath's picture

Mine only holds the smell of alcohol but it doesn't smell bad, it contains blood stains too but I can't wash the jacket because it has signatures on the inner side. I'll never wash my jacket, only rainy day can contribute in cleaning of it.

gizter's picture

mine does not smell, but its only around half a year old.
i am not against washing it but its kind of the same like jackets, and i have never washed a jacket in my entire life. so that wont happen fast.

like StereoDeth said, i would consider something like showering with it, espesialy if it would be covered in mud and other shit and you would barely even be able to see the patches anymore (instead of walking around in the rain with the hope to get rid of the dirt).

MasterDeath's picture

I didn't meant to clean it by " walking around in the rain ", my jacket has long sleeves, so I mostly wear it in the colder days which include rain and snow, but when I wear it in the summer , dirt just dries and I can easily scratch the stains off, spit is also useful if necessary.

gizter's picture

your coment wasn't even there when i wrote mine, quite a coincidence.

MasterDeath's picture

haha, quite a coincidence indeed

nightslasher26's picture

Actually,mine smells heavenly! I just spray some perfume...

vomitoxic's picture

Mine kutte's dont smell that badly.
Almost everyday use and around sweat, alcohol filled, smoking people and well of course the get some smell's but not that badly.
After some trips when they have stunk, I just usually hang them to my balcony and let them fresh up for day or two.

On the other hand. I think they should stink and if my kutte smells like booze and weed. It doesn't matter and I kinda like it :D

VisualAggression's picture

Not too bad, imagineing there are probably 100 liters of beer spillt over .

necrodonkey's picture

Not bad at all surprisingly, that will probably change in the summer though haha

Johnny-Eyeball's picture

For some odd reason, my kutte has the aroma of woman's perfume. No one I live with even wears perfume, and I certainly don't, so...

Speed or Bleed's picture

Not that Bad but when its turned wet from
Rain or Beer it Release some
Evil stench, , no Wonder my Kutte Pans all sorts of Alkohol, blood and Bit of puke over the years ;)

Paprika Jancsi's picture

Smells the same as my anal vapor, namely sweet roses and rainbows.

Johnny-Eyeball's picture

Anal Vapor has to be a death metal band. Somewhere.

Heinz's picture

It's what comes from the Anal Cunt.

bls-georg-pantera's picture

for some reason my grey jacket which i wear alot doesn't smell at all... (i guess?)

my crustpunk jacket on the other hand smells like the dogs from my local squat hahaha

and my other jacket which is ripped apart smelled almost the same as my old shoes...which is very bad hahahaha

gizter's picture

my dog smells like popcorn, i hope for you the ones at your local squat do too. but i highly doubt that.

Blüdrayne's picture

as one of the few chinese people here, i feel i should make a joke about chinese people and dog eating lol.

gizter's picture

please do that.

Croby's picture

it stinks gooooooooooooooood! :P

finlandiavodka's picture

lika an ashtray at the moment!

StereoDeth's picture

Best selling product in this thread - Febreze.

Bayernpirat's picture

bei dem Zeuch krieg ich das kotzen, ohne scheiss

StereoDeth's picture

Ich hab Febreze mal vor etlichen Jahren ausprobiert...ich glaube im Jahr 2005. Also man sollte es nicht in seine Turnschuhe sprühen. Hab meine Turnschuhe mit dem Zeug getränkt und seit dieser Aktion mag ich den Geruch von Febreze auch nicht.
Man sollte Turnschuhe auch nicht in die Waschmachine bei 60 Grad stecken
(die kommen total gebogen wieder heraus).:D

Mittlerweile gibt es bestimmt richtig abartige, neue Düfte...genauso abartig wie manche Geschmachsrichtungen, die von namenhaften Süßwarenherstellern vertrieben werden.
Febreze ist wie Charmin - voll für 'n Arsch.
...Charmin verstopft das Klo. Mistbärzoichz!

Bayernpirat's picture

so wahr, so wahr

DeathRipper's picture

StereoDeth has the right idea.

Doctor Butcher's picture

i wash mine every now and then the neck gets dirty and i cant stand it (nor do i want to cut it off) so i wash it whenever i feel its dirty so the answer is, it just smells like cologne :b

lak89's picture

Mine smells ok, I only wear it to shows so it has only been worn ~15 times or so, usually after the gig it will smell like smoke because of people smoking around me. The next day I'll hang it out in the sun and after that it smells fine again, it's a very neutral smell.

Blüdrayne's picture

never smoked weed in it, i see. ;)

lak89's picture

nope not into it :p

BlackMetalRights's picture

Mine smells like nothing
Then again, I never wear it anymore

Blüdrayne's picture

use febreeze. and hang it in the sun. but i DO wash mine, sosueme.

kertalaaki's picture

Mine, it smells like.... Victory!

MasterDeath's picture

haha I love that smell.. Especially in the morning

Extremeaggression's picture

well i know the "rule" not to wash a battlevest! I swear the best solution for a vest with a smell of your own puke is givin it a beer like tankardemptyer also does! Really the best solution!

hammer slammer's picture

Mine just smells of weed. It's had beer and blood and shit (figuratively) in it but weirdly enough it only seems to pick up the smell of dope...

motorchain's picture

I know that feel bro haha mine smells like weed and I do not smoke anymore since last year and now I get nervous when i am wearing my black vest and theres a police officer with a trained dog around hahaha

COTHRASHER's picture

my vest doesn't smell too bad but my crust pants smell... well, crusty

Hárbarðr's picture

Not bad at all, whenever it gets smelly i hang it outside for the entire night, and the next day it smells just fine.

Hypercube's picture

Putting it in the freezer (I'd put it in a plastic bag first) will kill the smell, or so I heard. I did this to my shoes once they started to reek like death and it worked fine.

gizter's picture

i've replaced all patches (except the backpatches) the last fiew days. it smells like mint now.

micHELLe's picture

Not much, it was pretty dirty until i jumped into a chlorine pool with it on, then it was painfully bright shiny clean hahahaha Its been a while since the incident so its all good now, dirty & burnt BUT not very stinky lol

gambinaviina's picture

Sometimes mine kutte smells like alcohol after the gigs.
It has a small puke stain next to the backpatch

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

I wouldn't exactly say mine smells "bad" if you enjoy the smell of beer, cigarettes and a hint of puke. the armpits just smell awful tho.

SAATANANVITTU forgot her kutte at my place. I've been sleeping with it, so now it smells like me... which is also horrid

Zek's picture

I love the smell of my kutte in the morning, smells like victory

gizter's picture

does it smell like napalm?

Zek's picture

Yeah a bit, but mostly beers :) But I can't stand when it stinks too much, I just febreze it.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Haha nice topic yeah!
Had mine since `95 so it has seen some action so it is quite roughed up and when it gets wet the poisonous fumes rise HAHAHA!!
Cheers from Sweden.

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Mine's disgusting. I try to baptize it with gig beer whenever possible because I actually like the lingering beer/weed/sweat smell it has after gigs, but usually it just smells like five years worth of sweat and three years worth of cheap cigarettes. I may have puked on it a couple times as well.

kaspersoldal's picture

Bought it used in 2013 (lus minus a few years) and still haven't washed it. The smell is so horrible I've actually managed to make one person gag, albeit the booze probably wasn't helping her. Nothing funnier than watching some upper class twat being surrounded by stinking metalheads on their way home from a festival.

Tankard Emptyer's picture

I don't wear it everyday anymore, it mostly smells from cold smoke.

Heinz's picture

My jacket still has the sleeves, but I'm still resolved not to wash it. It really ain't bad at all so far. If it got rank, I'd probably hang it outside for a few days and see what that does.

DevilzForce's picture

I wash every once in a while !!
Some of you guys are fucking nasty (and single).
Mine smells of cigarsmoke consistently, but running around smelling like a hobo's insides making people gag is just nasty.

kaspersoldal's picture

You say nasty like that's a bad thing.

DevilzForce's picture

Yep... first off: FUCK RULES. How bad a vest stinks does not determine how "metal" you are. EVER. You wanna smell like a homeless guy, that's cool, but don't expect others to do the same or make it into a "rule". Shit like this is cringeworthy and laughable to me.

Nuclear Bear's picture

Completely agreed with you DevilzForce.

kaspersoldal's picture

Nah I mean if it goes to the level of being able to make normal people gag (normal in this case meaning people who aren't total snobs) then you should probably put it in the freezer or hang it outside. There's no harm in it having a tiny hint of beer and weed though but that's just my preference.

WarAndPain's picture

Wait, will putting it in the freezer work well? Mine's been covered in other people's sweat at gigs a few too many times, it's getting kinda unpleasant now D:

Corvus Corax's picture

It's possible. Now that we're heading into winter, you could hang it outside at night, that could work just-as-well. It may save your 'fridge from smelling. ;)

Corvus Corax's picture

Mine smells like me. Ha ha.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

mine doesnt smell like anything even tho ive had it since 2012, maybe i just dont wear it enough

thumbtackjack's picture

my vest smells like a combination of deodorant, bubblegum, and mildew. Not sure how to get rid of the mildew smell but I think i prefer that over a sweat smell

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