Crust Pant Smell

Fri, 29/12/2017 - 09:41


I’ve had the same pair of crust pants that I’ve worn for a couple (probably ~6) years now and experienced a lot of things in them. They smell like fucking shit now - the best way that I can describe the smell is to relate it to the smell you’ll experience at a Watain or White Death show (anyone who was at the recent NYC show with Horna will know what I am talking about) - kind of like blood. Or rotting. Or rotting blood - a metallicy, rancid smell. It’s pretty nauseating.

What all have you done in your crust pants? It would be fun to hear what experiences have impacted the look (besides washing - NEVER WASH) and the smell of your pants.

PS: If anyone has black scrap fabric - leather, faux leather, Kevlar, denim, hide, etc. (literally anything, if it’s black) please hit me up - my pants are more holes than patches these days, and it’d be great to have some coverings given the winter temps.

PSS: Happy to just have this be a discussion about crust pants in general, given the specificity of my original question.

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