Crust Pant Smell

Fri, 29/12/2017 - 09:41


I’ve had the same pair of crust pants that I’ve worn for a couple (probably ~6) years now and experienced a lot of things in them. They smell like fucking shit now - the best way that I can describe the smell is to relate it to the smell you’ll experience at a Watain or White Death show (anyone who was at the recent NYC show with Horna will know what I am talking about) - kind of like blood. Or rotting. Or rotting blood - a metallicy, rancid smell. It’s pretty nauseating.

What all have you done in your crust pants? It would be fun to hear what experiences have impacted the look (besides washing - NEVER WASH) and the smell of your pants.

PS: If anyone has black scrap fabric - leather, faux leather, Kevlar, denim, hide, etc. (literally anything, if it’s black) please hit me up - my pants are more holes than patches these days, and it’d be great to have some coverings given the winter temps.

PSS: Happy to just have this be a discussion about crust pants in general, given the specificity of my original question.

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Just wash it man, who cares, really? Pretending like you're savage and living on the streets will do you no good. Everyone knows we all have washing machines at home.

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wash them

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come on people.. you cant wash your crusters. have you people seen clean crust pants? it looks like something from hot topic.. ;)
also throwing it in a washing machine is going to damage it.

i air mine out on sunny days (fiew times a year), doesn't eliminare the smell, but it does lessen it. but it returns quickly with a lot of rain.

for repairs just go to some thrift store, for like one or two bucks you can get some black pants that are enough fabric for years of repairs.

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Those things are neat but look fucking uncomfortable
My legs would freeze in winter, I wouldn't mind my own wretched smell though.

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mine are warmer than my normal jeans. they are worse for summer than they are for winter.
mustiple layers of fabric and a natural layer of grease on it makes them really thick.

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the way you describe your crust pants makes it sound like you procured yours out of wooly mammoths

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Something I do with my battle jacket is turn it inside out and put it in direct sunlight. The UV should kill much of the bacteria that cause smell. I've heard it suggested that after this you should put it in the freezer to kill off even more bacteria. Should help improve things dramatically.

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I spray fabreeze on my kuttes and air em out, fuck washing.

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Rinse them with vodka and put them in the freezer.

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I'm assuming you live in a house like most people who wear crust pants, so you can do what I did one time and go on a nice long walk through the rain, go home and let them dry out in the sunlight which is similar to washing them but involves exposing them to the elements and wearing so it stays in line with the ethos. Also it seems like they aren't on your profile and they'd probably be cool to see.

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I'm not so sure if most people who wear crust pants live in a house.

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i am.
by far most people who wear crust pants live in some sort of house, be it a squat or shitty appartment.
even when traveling they often often end up in squats and shared houses.
the crusties that live on the streets usually dont like to wear crust pants cause they become too much of a pain to maintain.

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I second this. Post them man!

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washing them is for nerds, if you have to do anything spray them with some fabric stuff. failing that ust spray them with some kind of aerosol

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I've slept in a bush in a thunderstorm tripping on acid in mine and pissed myself at the same time. and still didn't wash them.

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Out of curiosity, what do you get out of smelling like a murder scene that has sat untouched for a millenia?

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sexual arousal.
altough that might differ from person to person

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I guess you get the pleasure of looking edgy and kvlt and the satisfaction of showing the world that you are a good seamstress.

Somehow I get the feeling that some people have spent more time sewing patches on their jackets/pants rather than actually listening to the bands.

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You wash and they will fall apart.
Cold water for the soaking, when the water turns orange hand them by the waist and let them drip dry, all the nasty dirt and sweat will drip out and then your pants should be good to go.
People always say the freezer will kill the germs and get rid of smell, but it's never worked for me.
If you need fabric still, Ive got a sandwich bag full of leather/denim/canvas like a sort of care package we might be able to work something out.

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