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Beware scammer alert: Viva blasfemia

Thu, 17/11/2022 - 22:10

Viva blasfemia, thats the user

I bought a patch from that user near 5 weeks ago. Never received nothing and now he dont reply messages. I opened a PayPal disput because I paid as a custom/services.
He claims to use family and Friends PayPal or Bank transfer.

Also he upload a few patches stolen from Koolg71 and then delete all that stolen pictures. Another user bought a patch from that scumbag.

Now he delete ALL THE STUFF from his profile, nice try!

I have his real name and PayPal mail. Will Post if Its relevant.

Beware with that piece of shit!


Spectrum's picture

He delete also all the messages. But I have screenshots from The conversation, nice try :)

MortalFate's picture

By the looks of it, dude may be going into hiding.

Bolt Catcher's picture

I suspected he would turn out a scammer when he mentioned he only accepted bank transfers and stole pictures from other users.

Miteux's picture

I've trade quiet a lot, buy a lot of patches, and it's the first time it's happen to me.
Pretty upset about it but well...

Hope I'm the only idiot who paid as a friend on paypal, and the rest who got scammed got the money back!

Miteux's picture

If I'm not wrong, at the begining he took pictures of his jacket and then sold each patch from it, i thought it was legit...

Spectrum's picture

Sorry to hear that mate. I sent money as customs since he has not any review. I suspected from him since the first moment. And now he even reply PM's

Miteux's picture

I've re send a msg, like 1/2 weeks after the paiement, and like reply kindly "your patches have been send no worries" haha.
I might be too naive haha

Spectrum's picture

He wrote me the same! Also add "if you dont receive It on friday I'll go to the Post Office to open a disput".

Oh, interesting, how Will you do that if you send It by unregistered? 😆

After that, one week ago, he doesn't reply anymore

Miteux's picture

Did not spend huge amount of money, but well pissing me off a bit.

doctordeath's picture


that is all

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

I was a little newer to this patch trading and selling thing and bought from him as well. My fault completely for using friends and family. I will say to anyone who is new to all this, don't let your urge to get that patch you've been looking for cloud your judgment and make trades or buys that are sketchy. I have recently made wiser decisions when I buy but it took getting scammed by this Viva douchebag. So once again, if you're new to the patch world, don't make the same mistake I did with this one.

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

And that's correct Mateux, he initially shared a photo of a vest and then said he was selling the individual patches off of it. I bought a Headless Cross patch from him. When he never updated me on when he shipped it, I asked him about it and he said he shipped it the previous Friday. NEVER use friends and family. I now know the ins and outs of paypal and will never do that again.

_ashes.against.the.grain_'s picture

I warned a few people about this guy months ago. Sorry that some of you got scammed.

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