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The $10 bandcamp tshirt game

Sat, 11/11/2023 - 18:15

With live-show merch prices getting really stupid ($50+ for a single colour print tshirt) - a bit of fun, try to search and buy the best cheapest tshirt you can find

Paste this into google: +"Buy Now $10 USD or more" +"T-Shirt/Apparel" inurl:bandcamp.com/merch

also good way to find new bands :)

$15 seems to be a good search amount too

doctordeath's picture

I like this one https://nofuneralmpls.bandcamp.com/merch/2019-tour-shirt-on-sale but nothing in usual sizes available

no karate in pit's picture

hmmm sounds fun

no_teleology's picture

$50 for a Tshirt at a show?? I have never seen anything close to that

Insecurity's picture

iron maiden charges 50 for a shirt. i think a raglan was 75.

doctordeath's picture

did you search google and have any input into what i wrote about at the top?

doctordeath's picture

did you search google and have any input into what i wrote about at the top?

GhastlyDrain's picture

No idea how to correctly write it lol, gimme some tips

bad_american1992's picture

Prices are insane lately...

oldmate's picture

this was interesting. Your right about tshirt costs. Read a few articles that blame the venues for taking a cut of tshirt money at gigs now, but still ($50+ for a single colour print tshirt) is becoming standard. I was at the Devin Townsend show the other night and they had tour shirts for 60 and a non tour shirt double sided single colour for 55. Even a few months before that wormrot and napalm death tour shirts were like 60 or 55 cant remember, both single colour. The worst part is the napalm death tour shirt was the same at the last tour just with different dates on the back. I did not part with my money that night.

for RHCP who sell out stadiums were selling their multi colour tour shirts for 60 bucks a pop. the amount they purchase would get thema massive discount. again I did not get one.. I was willing to spend 50 (not happy about it) but fuck that... I thoguth I would wait and find one on email, but these cunts think its like gold and are selling them for 100's in time they will drop. Also the tour shit has AUS and JAP tour dates.. so its a double bubble for them.

https://zorormr.bandcamp.com/album/the-aftermath found that. looks ok.

ZillaMunster's picture

Also hate the new $50 standard im seeing, it sucks.

Don't ask me about the bands, i did the search and found this;

LS with digi album? doesn't seem bad, had a raglan for the same price too.

Same with this one, shirt plus album

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