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N0ctulius's picture

Great Convulse patch! Where did you get it?

bestial_bunny's picture

Bought it 2nd hand on ebay. I know its official patch. I think theres only 50 made.

bad_american1992's picture

Great Abigail patch dude! Jealous.
You need a more colorful backpatch if you are aiming for the 'rainbow-vest' look, though.

Suicidal1984's picture

I want the same patch hahaha
Where did you buy it man?
Nice bp too!

bestial_bunny's picture

Got it from the t-shirtslayer user NEC as a 2nd hand.

bestial_bunny's picture

Its not that big of a deal. I like it too much to change it, even if it doesnt fit the 'theme' that well, hehe.

Suicidal1984's picture

It fits anywhere hahaha tell me when you wsnt trade it!

Nater90's picture

Some good bands.

Claudandus's picture

I'll never get how a vest with less than 20 patches still can have logos and chunks of the artwork and logos overlapped. It seems sloppy and rushed. You do have some nice patches and the selection of bands is cool however.

bestial_bunny's picture

Its by doing it deliberately. It might look sloppy to you but I like how it looks. The layout is tought through, however and not done hastily or so.

noisecore9000's picture

it's not sloppy, it's brilliant and quite complete.

Claudandus's picture

It's a matter of taste and preference I reckon. I personally don't like it when patches overlap to the point of covering parts of the logos and artwork. it makes it look like the vest is more about how many patches one can get on there rather than careful selection and placement. When it comes to that point the patches just obscure and muddle each other rather than forming a coherent unity.

bestial_bunny's picture

From my end, the intention isnt to try and fit as many patches as possible and the placement is chosen quite carefully and for reason. I would say that the aesthetic is the apparent crudity and incoherence of the vest. When I go through vests here, that is what I enjoy the most, the crude, the filthy, the incoherent and those which are seemingly messy. Of course this is simply matter of taste and I nor anyone can argue against your opinion on the matter but I simply felt like making the point that in my case, the sloppynes and such is an aesthetic choice.

There are several things I do consider when making my vest. For example, bathory is next to darkthrone for a reason. Babylon Whores is above Mana Mana for a reason. It also overlaps many patches for a reason. Colour is also important consideration, as is the shape of patches and so forth. It is anything but random.

Okay, enough ranting! I am starting to sound way too defensive about this, haha!

Claudandus's picture

No worries. I have the exact same issue, when I'm questioned I have a tendency to come of as a tad defensive even if that's not the intention. I just like to explain how and why I think the way I do. ^^

I never really thought about it the way you described. How the illusion of not giving a fuck and just placing anything there is a process of elimination and careful placement in itself. I mean I must've had it gnawing in the back of my mind, but I've never seen it spelled out and explained in the way you did there.

bestial_bunny's picture

Japan actually has a name for this, wabi-sabi, aesthetic of asymmetry, imperfection, roughness, austerity, modesty and intimacy. Finding beauty in things that are broken, deformed, unfinished and in things that one might at first dismiss as ugly, unsightly or otherwise undesirable. Aesthetic which tells one to embrace things that just happen when working on something, like cracks on pottery that happen when burning it and accepting it as integral part of the process and finished product.

As I said, the placement is deliberate and a lot of thought and consideration has gone to it but on other hand, a lot of it has just happened. Theres been lots of patches that have laid around here without place only to find their place after others have been sewed on. Or without specifically looking anything in distro, finding a certain patch and simply knowing that this one has to go to this place. A combination of intuition, random chance and extremely deliberate consideration for the placement, form, colour and everything else. And of course, seeing the process as extrmely integral part of doing anything creative. The journey one takes when working on something, all the things that happen while one works on something. To me, the vest will probably never be finished, per se. Even when its filled with patches, it continues to live and evolve, become dirty, filthy, start to tear and break apart only to be mended and sewed together again. Kinda like life itself, hehe.

uidel's picture

Vest looks great so far, fuckin' great BP. Keep working on it !!

bestial_bunny's picture

Thanks! Its not finished until its filled!

Corvus Corax's picture

Swank vest mate! The Nunslaughter BP looks great.

bestial_bunny's picture

Thanks. So much space to fill. . .

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