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  • Oh really? would love to see that design if thats possible!
  • Lovely! Hard to see on my monitor, is this the green one?
  • Thanks for the interest, but I've traded/sold away most of my HC shirts - this is one of the few I still have so I&
  • Very nice shirt!
  • That's pretty nice, but we wanna see it on you!! ;-P
  • Cool, die hab ich rauf & runter gehört als ich jung war!!
  • was there ever an official Icarus shirt?
  • Great shirt mate!
  • Badass!!
  • One of the best artwork, well done
  • Awesome, how did you get it? :)
  • Amazing tee, simple design but killer
  • Just Amazing man! No more words needed.
  • Thanks you my friend! Some absolute killers to come ;)
  • It never ends, you just keep them coming. Each new upload is a treat to the eyes!
  • I got this Temple of the Dog patch off of eBay. But.. Unfortunately this is just a boot though.


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