Thrash/Death Vest

Sun, 11/02/2018 - 13:55

Battle Jacket N°2 restyling
Added and replaced some patches

Not for sale or trade
Thrash/Death Vest
Thrash/Death Vest


cambotero's picture

cool vest, could it be possible to see a close up picture of the Pestilence pls?

FabbroGrind80's picture

It was the white version..20 years ago l colored it in black because l didn't like white.
You can see the same patch on my profile..l upload it a few days ago.

cambotero's picture

ooh i see, i wouldnt do that but looks cool anyways :D

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Looks great!

BHMOXM's picture

Great !
What the band of the 3D pin above Destruction?

FabbroGrind80's picture

It's not a band pin..it's a funny (Frank)enstein pin :-)

Left Hand Patch's picture

Love it.

Nater90's picture

So killer man!!! Need to track down some of these patches myself!!


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Recent Comments

  • Oh nice shirt.how much ?
  • Most welcome. Yeah for sure man, looks good as is I wouldn't touch it.
  • cheers rusty!
  • Most welcome mate, Ahk, pretty bad ass, she's a keeper if she gets gnarly stuff like that!!
  • Most welcome. Ah sick thanks bud.
  • No, same as this small one you uploaded but as a backpatch.
  • Sure did, for 18 months or so.
  • looks great on maroon!!
  • No wacka's chap :-) The 1992 pic disc has that funny anti-drug shit on it...
  • Hell yeah dude. Also got the limited legion picture disc on the way too. That would be sick if you find the bandana man,
  • Awesome, the old pressings do the artwork the justice it deserves.
  • Really digging the crude design on this one, and look it's even got a "Def Jam" pin ha!
  • Thanks man, cheers!!
  • Thank you for the proper translation and feedback, Claudandus! I agree, it's an album that stands the test of time!
  • I think it's 1993.
  • Thx bro if you interest pls inbox to me bro


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