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  • Necrocosm makes some really cool pins. I got one with Ride for Revenge from them recently.
  • Hammer Teil !!!
  • Crazy! So detailed
  • That's wicked!!! What a catch!
  • Cool patch and often overlooked album.
  • I do not know the band , but this shirt is awesome!.Time to hit You Tube for me :-D
  • Great design, amazing band
  • Yeah, I was surprised to see that when it came in.
  • Haha, I wasn't going to lynch you over it man. ^^ A fantastic album regardless of chronology. =)
  • I Will
  • well, give it a shot and maybe it's yours ;-)
  • nice man you should uplaod better pictures
  • ell tastes differ as they used to say...for me Tribulation and some other bands are some of the few that get away with d
  • you are totally right, don't know where I was with my thoughts...It's the debut and I edited the text accordin
  • Amazing shirt...full flames
  • Classic album !!!!!!
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