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Minotaur Sneak Peek Of My Battle Jacket

Mon, 17/08/2020 - 21:48

Just a small peek at my jacket. It’s coming along well, this shoulder will be way more filled up soon.

Just wanted to share a small little bit 🤘

Not for sale or trade
Minotaur Sneak Peek Of My Battle Jacket

Hliðskialf's picture

That Seance patch kicks ass.
But I feel like three patches with blue borders in close vicinity looks too monotonous.

ThomasThrash's picture

Thanks dude! True, but I'm planning on filling it up with other small patches and pins in the remaining blank space to seperate it, and fill it up. \m/

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

Are you gonna sew patch after patch or will you be planning the whole layout beforehand?

ThomasThrash's picture

I've sewed on the patches that I know are going in certain spots. (These for example), but I'm waiting until I have a lot more to really get a great layout (In my opinion).

bad_american1992's picture

I take it you are a fan of round patches and circles! Hahaha. That Seance kills

ThomasThrash's picture

Yessir! I had to find a good way to use them, and this seemed to work well. It'll be symmetrical too, I got circles for the other side that will be death metal. This side has thrash circles. And thanks man, it really does!

fauzan big's picture

Sweet Aspid patch

ThomasThrash's picture

Hell yeah dude! Great band. Thanks! 🤘

Thane's picture

Looking sick so far bro! Can't wait to see the rest! \m/

ThomasThrash's picture

Thanks man! Me too hehe

fuckenscooter02's picture

Nice dude, I love the colors so far!

ThomasThrash's picture

Thanks man!

Thrashmetalhead_20's picture

It looks great so far!🤘🏻 Can't wait to see the whole vest

ThomasThrash's picture

Thanks dude! I’ll for sure post it when it’s “finished”

Metalmate's picture

Smart use of the circular patches. I always struggle to get them in the right spot 😊. Looking good sofar!

ThomasThrash's picture

Thanks! I thought this use of them came out pretty good. Thanks!🤘

NickTheEgg4's picture

Yo Thomas, when’s the whole vest coming?🤘

ThomasThrash's picture

Haha, good question. I'm not quite sure yet myself. :)

NickTheEgg4's picture

Good luck then👍

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