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Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches

An Overdose Of ...
Sat, 07/05/2022 - 05:42

Okay. So I’ve had this longsleeve jacket for a while, with the Rigor Mortis, Dismember, BOC circle, Slayer demon, and Exodus in place since last summer. Nothing else ever really got done, because I wanted this jacket to only really have glitter patches on it, give or take a couple, and their weird shapes made it hard to place them.

Today i got bored and started fucking around with layout ideas, resolving to once and for all figure out a way to actually fit all my sparkly bois on it. As the day progressed, the restrictions I imposed on myself grew more and more relaxed, grounded in the simple principle that patches want to be on jackets. By the end of the night, all my homeless patches had found a place on this thing. And I even managed to achieve the holy grail of patched life: functional pockets.

The only exceptions are patches that are already planned for other projects, and three that are too fucked up to use at all (will probably put them inside this one).

The cool thing about this one is that it’s truly an anything goes situation right now: patches I bought for other projects that didn’t work out, patches that didn’t look as good in person, patches I thought were cool when I bought them the day I started my first vest nine years ago but kind of outgrew, my nursing school patch (because finding the will to get through nursing school is a battle in itself), gifts, trades, and a bit of everything from various parts of my life.
I will be filling this thing out with whatever strikes my fancy, and I’m pretty excited about the prospect of having free reign to play with weird shapes for this one. I don’t love the weird shape trend, but I don’t like passing up cool patches due to lack of placement options either! I won’t overfill it to the extent of my second skin/main, but I do want it to be pretty densely covered.

For the time being, however, all I’ll be doing is putting on pins as gap fillers. Tomorrow. It’s fuckin’ bedtime now.

Also, the close-up of Inhuman Condition is to highlight a super cool coincidence: the Slayer patch had been there forever, and I realized by accident that IC fit PERFECTLY between the edge of the jacket and the sword. It was practically begging to go in that spot.

tl;dr basically a one-shot, and the result of a caffeine and masochism fueled all day sewing extravaganza

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2021
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches
Rigor Mortis Ms. Stacie’s Home for Wayward Patches

John Doe's picture

Nice one

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Thank you!

MortalFate's picture

Should suit you. Cool Slayer demon patch.

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Thank you!

thj420's picture

Wraith and Graveworm patches are sweet

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