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Ode to Omen - Rough sketch of my new lay-out.

Tue, 24/06/2014 - 15:55

Rough sketches of my new lay-out (really rough placement). The open lay-out didn't survived that long (itchy patches buy finger). What are your thoughts about this?

Got English Dogs - Forward into Battle embroided patch, Manilla Road - sword in stone black embroided patch & Thor - logo patch ordered. Waiting for a Slough Feg shirt to arrive to make a stripe patch of the logo.

1. Left side, back and front of the new lay-out
2. Back (the Griffin patch on the shoulders will be shaped).
3. Front
4. Right side

Lack of enough patchs to fill it up.. :(. Still searching for Candlemass (first record patch), Uriah Heep - The magicans birthday, Wotan, Ironsword, While Heaven Wept etc.

Not for sale or trade
Ode to Omen - Rough sketch of my new lay-out.
Ode to Omen - Rough sketch of my new lay-out.
Ode to Omen - Rough sketch of my new lay-out.
Ode to Omen - Rough sketch of my new lay-out.

PForx's picture

Haha, will you ever become satisfied with the layout? Looks good!

Faber's picture

Hahaha never! :p Thanks!

Stiopa's picture

Starts to look messy- five flames!

Faber's picture

Thanks! Yeah I gave it up, it will be totally patched. Lets see if chaos is the solution!

powermetaller's picture

Looking awesome! Great bands, that layout looks pretty cool (seems chaos is rising now, heh) and I love that collar!
Did you order the golden embroidered Thor-patch?

Faber's picture

Yeah ordered it together with the Manilla Road patch. Thanks for letting me know where to buy it. Already bought some patches but overlooked the Thor patch!

Judas Priestess's picture

nice Chateaux patch! I like where this is going.

Faber's picture

Thanks! Was very happy to be the lucky one to get it!

Oldschool's picture

Klasse! Zie aardig wat mooie bands erbij!

Faber's picture

Thanks! Het heeft wat tijd gehad om dit te verzamelen. 'Gelukkig' zijn er bootlegs haha.

whiteravenmetal's picture

a lot of favorites there

Faber's picture

Thanks. Only the best! You got a great taste my friend!

whiteravenmetal's picture

thanks, and same to you. Anyone who enjoys Elixir and Griffin is my friend haha

Syrinx 2112's picture

Knappe backpatch en Atlantean Kodex strip. Die Liege Lord en Griffin is ook de max.
Maar die Chateaux is oprecht THE BEST!

Faber's picture

Thanks was ook zo blij als een klein kind toen ik die Chateaux tegen kwam! hahah

Blutaar's picture

where you get your bathory patch?

Faber's picture

Got it from a trade, 2n hand.

Corneus's picture

where you've got the DoomSowrd patch?

Faber's picture

Got it from Else's Metal Mailorder, but he is a fucking rip-off. Ordered for like 200 euro's like 10 years ago and he only send like 4 patches and a cd. I personlally think these are sold-out...

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  • i dream of owning one of these of my own some day
  • Hi! I am asking € 350,- for it. Greetings, Niels