My wife’s kutte update!

Sun, 04/02/2018 - 19:54

Update after hours and hours of sewing. Continued back and front, changed some patches, completed the sides. Some bands multiple cause her choice of bands isn‘t that big. Also there is a small bag to attach to put in all the stuff women need sometimes;). Work is still in progess, want to put more shapes over the back of shoulders but that will take time.
Right now I‘m satisfied how it has developed and my wife is lucky. Thank God:)

Not for sale or trade
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!
My wife’s kutte update!


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  • True, Filosofem is an amazing and timeless classic....
  • Thank you for selling me this Mayhem flag!
  • I no it comes with one that’s why I said damn no poster didn’t take the time to read your description my bad
  • This shit is fucking legendary
  • Do not only do u want some of the rarest patches you have conditions for the people that would hypothetically offer them
  • Very nice!
  • Just checked the shirt in your collection.. And from the picture already it seems like a heavy print!
  • Moonfogilta muistaakseni joskus ysärillä :D
  • What about rubber and metal patches? :P
  • maybe its just too much paint, and thin tshirt)))
  • I'm pretty sure it's the same way as your ND and Terrorizer shirt.. Rough but ok.
  • Thanks! It's because I want to show my favourites of games on the battlevest.
  • I remember the super true ones...almost none of them is even a metalhead nowadays. Although very few are.
  • printed patches are ugly, only the woven and sticked are the greatest \m/ Both!
  • Just like the album! \m/
  • Well... i guess in the late 90ies everyone wanted to be true and kvlt here in guadalajara...
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