Metal Vest of STEEL



Dude, I LOVE your taste in metal. Seeing epic bands like Cirith Ungol, Medieval Steel, Slough Feg and Atlantean Kodex makes me smile. Also, the design is just great. Good job.

Boss the Ross

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy it, I put a lot of thought into the layout.


Well it really paid off. Where do you get your patches? Online, at shows, or..?

Boss the Ross

Mainly online, I try to buy directly from the band when I can, but some of these are directly from the patchmakers. Also I got some from various patch groups and here.


Thanks for replying. I've been looking for patches of some of these bands but have a hard time finding them, let alone finding patches that would look good or at least decent on my vest.

Boss the Ross

If you tell me which ones specifically you are wanting, I may be able to guide you in the right direction. Feel free to private message me


One of the best I've ever seen. Nice job.

Boss the Ross

I really appreciate that!!

Backwoods Heathen

Excellent taste in music. That Night Demon patch is sick!


OOOOH awesome Brother !! Spikes on Steel Chains !

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  • Great one! Too bad it's not my size
  • Yeah death and destiny is a killer work.
  • Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone!!
  • Wow! Never seen this beauty before!
  • I see a Mythra patch! Seen those guys at least 4 times!
  • hell yes, another exciting one is that of Exhorder
  • very rare shirt!!
  • Yeah, but at least it's a worthy final
  • Official fan club shirt from 2009 if my memories are correct but Matthew will correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Yes. I bought it in Hells Headbangers :)
  • Thanks dude!
  • Sold
  • Yeah, we need more good Black Metal Patches! In comparison to Thrash/Heavy/Speed Metal we have almost NOTHING.
  • Really cool! :)
  • Thx dear friend!!!
  • Fuck yeah... Doom forever :)

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