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Led Zeppelin Kutte made around my very first backpatch

Mon, 17/07/2023 - 00:49

The Led Zep backpatch was actually on my very first battle jacket, made when I was 13. It is an original from 1983 that I found in a shop in my hometown. I thought it was lost, but my mother found it going through old stuff at home and I decided I had to wear it again, so I made this.

Not for sale or trade
Led Zeppelin Kutte made around my very first backpatch
Led Zeppelin Kutte made around my very first backpatch

Memoniaco's picture

Sweet bp!

Numantikon's picture


Cardboardcity's picture

Very cool work, I like the nostalgia of the back patch getting a second life! Nice Starlight Ritual patch too.

Numantikon's picture

Thanks! The Starlight Ritual patch came with the limited edition of the last album.

Velkaarn's picture

Love the story and the patch itself looks still great, too! Some unexpected companions for Led Zep there, but that just makes it more fun.

I wish my mother would find some old pins, buttons and patches I bought in the 80s while cleaning, too!

Numantikon's picture

Thanks! It has been over 35 years of music passion since I discovered Led Zeppelin as a kid, so it’s kind of normal that unusual companions came along the way. The original jacket where the back patch was on only had a patch of AC DC and one of Iron Maiden. I sadly haven’t found the latter. It’s a bit sad how much gets lost in the way specially as one gets old but a childhood passion keeps burning.

IsochronalYetSublime's picture

Loving that Wicker Man patch--one of my favourite films. Where'd you find that?

Numantikon's picture

The movie is simply amazing. I bout it from Woven Hoof, but I’m not sure that he made it. It could have been traded from Starside Relicts, as he makes quite a lot of movie patches. I haven’t found copies in any shop for years now.

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