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Celtic Frost Deathrashing Rage Revamped

Thu, 21/10/2021 - 02:25

Excuse the crappy photo quality.
Was dissatisfied with my old vest layout so I did a completely new one on a vest I had laying around. I really liked the cut off button and rim sort of look that other jackets had so I did that. First time overlapping patches as well. Still very much a WIP but I figured it looked good enough to post for now. Celtic Frost back patch is a place holder till I can get a hold of an original Voivod backpatch.
Signature on the inside is Don of the Dead from Nunslaughter's.

Not for sale or trade
Celtic Frost Deathrashing Rage Revamped
Celtic Frost Deathrashing Rage Revamped

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Great vest man! Looks great!

fauzan big's picture

Awesome vest!! Nice layout and nice taste

bad_american1992's picture

Pretty nice looking vest dude! Just take some better pictures for us hahaha

DeadByRon's picture

Love this!!

Spectrum's picture

Looks solid!

Mastercutor's picture

That simple, thought-out and not-over-done overlapping is what makes this vest unique, I think 👏
It looks good with this (awesome) classic backpatch, even though it's just a placeholder.

MorbidWaste's picture

This is a sick vest! \m/

Corrosive's picture

Impressive vest (seen it and commented on IG too!). Awesome selection of bands and patches, looks very old-school, I love it!

Cardboardcity's picture

Echoing the other folks here by saying this one looks great, pretty full layout without turning into a quilt and lots of great bands/patches here!

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