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Sodom Bleached, Painted, and Soon to Be Rotted

Thu, 21/04/2022 - 23:38

This vest has gone through quite a few changes. This is also what I'm gonna be wearing onstage with my own band as well as just sort of casually (maybe). May swap out some of the repeat band patches with other stuff over time but I'm satisfied for now. Took a lot of inspiration from Death Dealer from Vomitor's jacket.

Not for sale or trade
Sodom Bleached, Painted, and Soon to Be Rotted
Sodom Bleached, Painted, and Soon to Be Rotted

dutch's picture

cool patches, what’s on the inside?

Arch_Caligula's picture

I think the inside painting may be on an older post of this jacket. It's a Sodom and Vomitor tribute + a bunch of little drawings of completely random bands I like.

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Such killer!

Bastard Noise's picture

Vest fuck bro!

fauzan big's picture

Awesome!!! Layout and bands selection is totally perfect

Spectrum's picture

Directly to fav.

braded into palsy's picture

Amazing work on this man, the painting's on the back is fukkin' crude and the layout kills!

Reinhardt's picture

Best one so far

morbidthrasher's picture

So sick!!!!

Komplott's picture

Rotted, as in about to be thrown into a self dug backyard hole and then letting the salts of the earth be soaked in by the denim?

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  • Yes, it is.
  • Never knew this either, thanks for showing us a side by side!
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