battle vest

Thu, 28/09/2017 - 17:39

working on the right side of a battle vest....any suggestion is welcome.

Not for sale or trade
battle vest
battle vest
battle vest
battle vest


Corvus Corax

Some great bands on here. I like the colour of the vest.


Mighty fine taste, Don't cover the HellHammer though!

braded into palsy

Great taste and the color of the jacket is badass

Iron Animal

Wait a second... are some of those photoshopped in?!

Corvus Corax

Some of those do look a little 'off'.


yes, they were....I was a little stuck working in this vest I had all the patches ordered but not yet at home ...so some times I use to do a piece of paper with the measures of the patch and attach it to the jacket, then I can do a copy-paste of the picture with the patch and that way I have a better idea of the final product. I am uploading right now final work.


My first time I've seen a White Denim jacket... Very unique and everything blends in so well. Can't wait to see your finished jacket.


Thanks for the flames dude...in fact is finished. I don't think to attach more patches maybe just some studs. My next project will be on a black vest with classic thrash, heavy and few touches of black metal bands


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Recent Comments

  • Makes for a stunning honor roll Ralph, congrats!
  • Fixed ;)
  • Une tuerie ! Putain de goûts de malade et Heil Herzel !
  • They really need to repress some of their old merch.
  • Was a great line up! Saw them @ Hannover.
  • Nice one \m/ A bit unusual to see a Maiden patch without Eddie.
  • I love the gradient on that logo
  • It's an example of a bootleg that's actually very well made.
  • Cool \m/
  • Killer !!!!!!!!! I have the short sleeve. Never seen the long sleeve before.
  • Awesome bootleg!
  • Thanks mate! It's one of my favourite albums, shame about the fit.
  • Artwork is awesome.
  • Remember going to that concert.
  • Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice
  • Great shirt for a great album!


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