battle vest

Thu, 28/09/2017 - 17:39

working on the right side of a battle vest....any suggestion is welcome.

Not for sale or trade


Corvus Corax's picture

Some great bands on here. I like the colour of the vest.

Nater90's picture

Mighty fine taste, Don't cover the HellHammer though!

braded into palsy's picture

Great taste and the color of the jacket is badass

Iron Animal's picture

Wait a second... are some of those photoshopped in?!

Corvus Corax's picture

Some of those do look a little 'off'.

evanyell's picture

yes, they were....I was a little stuck working in this vest I had all the patches ordered but not yet at home ...so some times I use to do a piece of paper with the measures of the patch and attach it to the jacket, then I can do a copy-paste of the picture with the patch and that way I have a better idea of the final product. I am uploading right now final work.

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