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Tool Blue Jesus Christ Prototype

Thu, 16/08/2018 - 04:05

This one, I've NEVER seen another of. This is a slate blue version of the infamous "ALL INDIANS, NO CHIEFS" design, which needs no explanation on this site. It seems like a prototype that the printers used to gauge the halftoning for the screens, although the only colors used are red and yellow (they stiple together in spots to make an orange value). The SPANK 1993 copyright is absent and it bares a Belton tag, common among a small number of circa 1992 Tool shirts. There is no print on the back.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1992
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
Not yet set / Ask
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Tool Blue Jesus Christ Prototype
Tool Blue Jesus Christ Prototype
Tool Blue Jesus Christ Prototype

Kvltdad's picture

Fuck. Wow. Jealous of your tool collection.

meetyourmaster's picture

Thank you for the view and the rating! They had some gems back in the day for sure!

eliprkr21's picture

did you let it go?😱🤯

meetyourmaster's picture

Oh, lord Jesus on Tool shirt, no. It's keeping safe in a bin with many of its disciples. And thank you mondo for the flamage.

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Recent Comments

  • Das LS hat ein Loch am Ellenbogen, das hatte ich nicht erwähnt. Ansonsten... 25 plus Porto?
  • Absolutely great !
  • Würde ich zu nem vernünftigem Preiss nehmen ❤️
  • Amazing Shirt!
  • Merci, got this beauty from a trade ; )
  • Cheers!
  • Man WTFFFF I would’ve traded my death shall rise if I knew about this 😭
  • Oh yeah, that's nice ! First time I see this patch tho
  • Same autopsy back patch as me🔥😃☝️☝️☝️
  • Sentenced and Demich no longer available.
  • 260 € the box?! That's not Black Metal for me! money making! Making a 19tape box out of 3 official albums...
  • Oh yes!! Great Shirt!!!
  • Very rare even back in the day!
  • can you take a photo the of the back ?
  • tell me about it.... when I find this I will be fucking wrapped... I am not looking forward to the bidding war...
  • Thanks man!